Bart, Come Out of the Closet

Bart, Come Out of the Closet!<br /><br />

When my friend Stacia was five years old her family moved to Illinois because her dad got a new job.<br /><br />

Her family consisted of her father, mother, sister and her. Her parents didn't have much time to find a house, so they put a deposit down on a house they never saw in person. A Realtor mailed them a listing with pictures, and they went with it to make the move easier. <br /><br />

The house was haunted, plain and simple. Stacia said that in those early years of childhood that the "real world" and the paranormal walked hand in hand.<br /><br />

Her sister, Kitty, and her had a little friend who "lived in her closet." Anytime they wanted to talk to this "man," they would simply open the hinged closet doors and wait for him. <br /><br />

After a few minutes, the clothing hanging in her closet would separate and "Bart",  as we called him, would appear, leaning from behind the clothes, revealing his head, shoulders and chest. <br /><br />

Looking back on it, Bart was a rather thin, small fellow. She said she wishes she could tell what he looked like, but Bart was odd in his appearance. He seemed to be "wrapped" as a mummy is wrapped, but the wrapping itself was rather strange. The material covering Bart seemed to be like wax paper -- thin strips of white wax paper with a dull sheen.<br /><br />

To this day,  Stacia can remember her and Kitty talking to Bart, but she can't remember what they talked about. Bart spoke with a whisper, but oddly I can't recall anything he said. Neither her, nor her sister, don't even know if Bart was his name or if it was a name they just gave to him?!<br /><br />

The only other person who knew of Bart, at that time, was a cousin of hers. There was a family gathering at their house and Kitty and her wanted to talk to Bart, so we ran outside and told my cousin to come in and see him. When we brought my cousin to the closet... there was Bart! My cousin was slightly startled at first... but then something strange happened, Bart leaned out from the closet and kissed her cousin on the cheek.<br /><br />

Becky, Stacia's cousin, was the little girl who got kissed.... she lived in Ohio and never said anything to her parents about the encounter. Stacia's family moved again when she was 9, and left the home with Bart behind, or so they thought!<br /><br />

Bart recently showed himself to Stacia's daughter, Alexa, a few months ago. Stacia hadn't seen him in over 20 years, how could this be? Apparently he integrated himself within a ring that Stacia had in her jewelry box that she had inside her closet. After moving and growing up she kept the box to give to her daughter, if she ever had one. Since they were already infused with his spirit, Bart had to be called upon before showing himself.<br /><br />

Since Stacia and Kitty had no idea that he would be able to be called upon, after they moved away from the house in Illinois, Bart just stayed trapped within the piece.<br /><br />

Stacia had only recently got the jewelry box out of storage to give to Alexa -- and Alexa not having beared witness to Bart before was able to see him... as he could come forth without being called upon by her!<br /><br />

When Alexa screamed for her mom, Stacia ran into her room and saw 'Bart.' She began talking with him -- looked the same as he did 20 years before.<br /><br />

His actual name she learned was Bartholomew; so they did not make up the name after all!<br /><br />

Bart was trapped in the closet in the home in Illinois after being attacked by a burglar -- he was shot and left there to die. <br /><br />

Bart was 22 when he was killed, he had a bright future; he was about to graduate college, was engaged to be married and had dreams of a great career and family.<br /><br />

It was hard to let go, he likes control; so he stayed around in spirit to help others fulfill their dreams. He hid in the closet when Stacia's family moved in, until he could feel them out -- after meeting the girls, he knew he wanted to protect them. <br /><br />

Stacia and Kitty grew up to have amazing lives -- Stacia is married with 2 kids and works as an X-ray tech and Kitty has a lifetime partner who she has adopted 2 kids with, she is a teacher. <br /><br />

Looking back Stacia says she always would hear a voice giving her advice when she had decisions to make; she always thought it was her conscious... but it was Bart!<br /><br />

Alexa was very scared and so Stacia asked Bart if he was ready to move on to help another family -- and he was ecstatic about the idea! She contacted me and gave me the piece that holds his spirit.<br /><br />

Deedee and I have met him and Bart is amazing! He is genuine, heartfelt and very powerful. He said once your body is gone your intuitive energies become enlightened and are ruptured as power --- this is what he wishes to share with the person who bonds with him.<br /><br />

After purchasing this piece, Bart will be your new protector and confidant. He will be with you to assist you in all aspects of life; it is like having a guardian angel with you at all times that you are aware of. <br /><br />

Bart's powers of infused motivation, integrity, confidence and prosperity will flood you and make you more successful. There will be no need to desire other magic because with these invoked powers you will be an imperative component in the code of life!<br /><br />

The piece that you're getting is this ring.  The milky white stone that you see that is set into the ring is a spirit vessel.  This is how Bart transports his energies.<br /><br  


Bart, Come Out of the Closet
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