Battling Bulger

Battling Bulger
"There will come forth from beneath the ground that which by its terrific roar will stun all who are near it, causing men to drop dead at its breath and devastating cities and castles."

You could say that Leonardo da Vinci was the creator of Murphy's Law. "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Or to put it even more clearly, "If something can end in utter disaster, it will." Leonardo was familiar with the power struggles of popes and kings. In their quest for supremacy, they were willing to sacrifice anything and everything, including people, cities, and castles.

Historians doubt that Leonardo was specifically anticipating the dawn of the atomic bomb with this prophecy, but he was certainly imagining a weapon with no less power~!

** Are you facing a battle? Maybe a nasty divorce, or a competitive fight for a promotion at work? Whatever it may be, with the anticipated movements in future changes at hand, you will always be one step ahead. This item holds extra sensory  follicles that will grant you the wit, and power, to advance and 'win' in all your future endeavors --- this is a grand item that will help in many areas of your life!

Battling Bulger
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