Be Fruitful And Prosper

Be Fruitful And Prosper

"There will be many hunters of animals who the more they catch, the fewer they'll have; and so conversely, they will have more in proportion as they catch less."

Fish in abundance, forests full of wild animals, raw materials without end -- but Leonardo was already aware that none of it is infinite. It's a very simple concept: Whoever fishes the seas until they are empty will at some point return to the harbor with empty nets. But the big fishing companies have still not sufficiently controlled the overfishing of the oceans -- even though scientists are sounding the alarm.

**The basis of this concept is that you should be fruitful and prosper -- you need to let greed at the door and learn to share the prophecies of the land.

These items hold invoked energies to allow you to appreciate what you have, and not constantly be looking for more. If you are satisified with less, you will ideally get more... but if you are always expecting and looking for more, you will end up with less!

Let the fish swim upstream, as they will align your chakras and impede your aura to regiment the appreciation of life and blessings that you are granted from your angelic guardian!

Be Fruitful And Prosper
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