Beams of Light -- The Bog Bodies

Beams of Light -- The Bog Bodies

The bog bodies are hundreds of ancient corpses found buried around the northern bogs and wetlands of Northern Europe.

These bodies are remarkably well preserved, some dating back 2,000 years. Many of these bodies have tell-tale signs of torture and other medieval “fun”, which have made some researchers postulating that these unfortunate victims were the result of ritual sacrifices.

We did an investigation at the bog and the activity from the entities was outrageous! The facets of those who were killed was due to the old world beliefs of witches and sorcery.

All of the bodies belonged to those who studied, and practiced, magic. Due to the strength and ignition of their powers, their bodies were preserved with the subsant potencey that was within their auras as they passed.

Killed basically due to jealousy they have invoked the bog with their imperial strengths and the collection of all the various mastery skills that each empowerer held has been casted into this piece!

We call this the "Beams of Light" Necklace, as the chalice of identities fortify from the spirits of the casters and are faceted within the stones of this piece.

Death will not stop their powers, as you will now hold the installment of full fledged power when you connect with this piece. The abundance of skill, energy and power in this piece is remarkable ~ there is nothing you cannot control with this one!!

Beams of Light -- The Bog Bodies
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