Beati Paoli Vampires


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Beati Paoli Clan

It's not everday that you get to uncover a clandestine fraternity that lives in a network of chambers and passageways underneath the streets of the cities of Sicily.  However, a note to all aspiring journalists: make sure that if you are going to do the job, you do it right.  Don't be like Gabriele Quattromani and Vincenzo Linares and write about only half the facts due to your inability to do adequate research. 

It was in the 1830s that these two first exposed the existence of the Beati Paolo.  Although, their existence was unveiled the purpose for the existence of the Beati Paoli was never quite understood.  Some say they were sinister, evil monks that were sent to wreak havoc on manking.  Unlikely.  Some say they were vigilantes that hid underneath the city of Palermo, the Sicilian capital, to resist the heavy footed government of their times-- depending on their time period.  That's closer.  You see, the Beati Paolo is quite possibly the most secret organization to ever exist.  There is next to nothing known about them. 

Listen, here's the thing.  No records of any kind were ever kept of the Beati Paolo.  It was a society based on word and honor.  If you didn't keep it, you were killed.  The society is so obscure that the real time period that they are believed to exist in may or may not be accurate, but I can tell you know that their legacy extends to before the Medieval time period.  What is known is that they lived in a network of grottos and labyrintch under the strees of the Capo district in Palermo, which has several secret entrances.  If I told you where they were, then they wouldn't be secret anymore.

So who are the Beati Paolo anyway?  At first glance they appear to be a benevolent lay brotherhood devoted to piety and good works, most likely dedicated to St Francis de Paola-- hence the name of their group.  They dressed in long black robes and cowls, a common garb for monks of the time.  However, looks can be deceiving and their existence stems into a deeper meaning than what it looks like on the outside. 

As far as the Beati Paolo being vigilantes-- I guess you could kind of say that.  They did drag opposition to their deaths, locking them in fetters whose staples still exist within the confines of the Beati Paolo underground locale.  Their only punishment for going against their agenda?  Death.  In this way, a lot of people considered them vigilantes of their time-- especially during rebellion and reformation attempts against the Crown and the Inquisition. 

Here's the scoop.  The Beati Paolo are neither for or against the government or the people.  They are there own unique indentity-- ageless vampires tied into nobility who took to the grounds beneath the city to hide their true existence.  When somebody interes with their agenda-- well, then they are taken care of.  Their connections reached as far as the Sacred Vehmgericht in Germany, as our investigations turned up insignia of this covert group as well.  You can think of them as the ruling elite of underground vampiric society. 

The Beati Paolo operate exclusively at night bringing their victims back to feed on, which is another reason why they had no problem knocking people off that opposed their agendas.  Their agenda?  Well, that's where things get interesting. 

The Beati Paolo is a sanguine blood cult.  Drinking human blood is more than just a drug for them, it's their actual survival, and power source.  With out the influence of human blood, they cease to maintain their mystical and magic abilities.  It has something to do with the alchemy of the blood and the way it reacts with their immortal bodies.  However, when they have ample blood the power flows.  Allow me to be the first to tell you that the power of the Beati Paolo vampires is an example of the most powerful energy that I've seen in a long time.  They'd also use their own blood and the bone of their victim to make relics that they would use to amplify their power during feeding periods. 

These relics were discovered during an investigation.  Again, for the sake of tradition and secrecy I cannot tell you how to get into the Grotto, but I can tell you its one of the most harrowing and terrific experiences I ever had.  The walls of the Grotto aren't just there.  They are alive.  You can feel them watching you as you travel down their narrow, cobblestone passageways.  Cool breezes and draft assure that you will remain chilly for your visit and it's nearly impossible to see anything without the aid of manmade lights to supplement the dimness of the candles that are held on ancient slab-like candle holders.  Funny thing is the candles haven't been changed in centuries, but they still burn with eternal flame.  It is one of the most indescibable places that I've come across.  It definitely has a life of its own. 

Anyway, on to the relic.  I retrieved one.  This particular relic was made like I said above-- with the dried, solid blood of the Beati Paolo and the crushed, ground up bones of their victims.  The think is, as awful as this might sound, it manifests powers of EXTREME proportions.  They aren't dark powers either, as one might imagine.  They are dual powers. 

First, you gain the presence of the Beati Paoli, which is felt all over the world via their connections, such as their ties to German underground society.  You will become one of them and you will begin your transformation.  This will bring you the ability to connect into the psychic and telepathic network of the Beati Paoli vampires.  Then, your full vampire powers will be manifested to you. 

You will gain the powers and knowledge of blood alchemy, which is the basis for the sorcery and powers of the Baiti Paoli.  Theay were taught this by the Baiti Paoli grand master.  The basis for blood alchemy allows you to create your own powers as you go, simply by speaking them into existence.  This piece summons the grand master of the Beati Paoli, who will instill your being with the soul of a vampire, giving you undaunted dual magic capabilities. 

We have placed two spells in this item.  The first one is discontiue the requirement for human blood.  The human bone that was used in the production of this piece mixed with vampire blood  give this piece all the magical allure you will ever need without having to drink a single drop of blood.  Second, there is a protection infusion on the piece to keep you safe regardless of your journeys. 

This is a seriously valuable and powerful tool.  I would hate to see anybody miss out on the opportunity to own this piece-- but first come first serve.  We have tested it and couldn't believe the experiences we had with it.  We're now passing it on someone who wants to experience the same power rush that we did!!

This ring is awfully big... it fell right off of our sizer.  With that being said, it will work equally as well as a pendant on a chain.  Also, I think it may be able to be resize.  Either way, it's a great piece!!       

Beati Paoli Vampires
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