Beautiful Yellow Tara

Yellow Tara is the beautiful, tranquil spirit of abundance, fertility, and prosperity. She is the spirit of increase. Her consort is the lord of wealth.<br /><br />
This generous, compassionate spirit is especially popular in Nepal. She is identified with Ganga and Lakshmi and may manifest in the form of an extremely beautiful, saffron-robed mountain hermit or a bejewelled princess in silk.<br /><br />
Yellow Tara bestows seven blessings:<br /><br />
Fertility: The ability to bear children and to have abundance in all things.<br /><br />
Wealth: Emotional, spiritual and material prosperity.<br /><br />
Longevity: Long life, as well as longevity of love and relationships.<br /><br />
Happiness: Joy, peace, hope, optimism, contentment, bliss and ecstasy.<br /><br />
Wisdom: Knowledge and understanding. The ability to see the truth, to understand and thus tap into the secrets of the universe.<br /><br />
Praise: Appreciation, honor, glory, and fame.<br /><br />
Quality: Quality of life as well as physical, emotional and spiritual perfection.<br /><br />
This wonderful spirit's only desire is to help people; hence her willingness to have her energy infused in talismans that can be used to invoke her. This particular talisman will allow you to receive all seven of her blessings. If you want to lead the perfect life, filled with happiness, love, wealth, good health, enlightenment, understanding, fame and abundance, this talisman will ensure that your wishes are granted. You will possess physical and spiritual beauty, will be granted riches beyond words, and will live the type of life most people can only dream of. Yellow Tara will bring you everything you could ever desire... and then some!<br /><br />
Beautiful Yellow Tara
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