Bella of the Elm

The day was April 18, 1943.  For four boys from Stourbridge, England the day started off as usual.  The group banded together to enjoy their outdoor excursions like they always did.  They were playing in Hagley Woods when one of the boys decided to climb a witch hazel tree. Upon climbing the tree the boy found a human skull in the hollow part of the tree's trunk.  Soon after police were notified.  During an investigation parts of the body were found including most of a girls skeleton, a gold wedding band, and a shoe.  The decapitated head of the girl was found buried next to the witch hazel tree.  A piece of taffeta was found in the girls mouth, indicating that she had died of asphyxiation.  Forensic scientists determined that the the girl had been dead for approximately 18 months, which coincided with a report that was made of a female screaming for help in the Hagley Woods.  Authorities had never made anything of the case, because they weren't able to find any substantial evidence until now.  With that being said, the case was soon closed, because there was not a single lead on a possible murderer of the victim.  Nor was the dead female ever properly identified.  It was all kind of swept under the rug and her legend grew. 

Here comes the weirdest part of the story.  A few months after her death, strange graffiti began to showing up on walls local to the place where the body was found.  The message read, "Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?"  The messages appeared to be consistently the same person, leaving authorities to believe that Bell'as killer was still at large.  The messages subsided after a while until the most recent one in 1999 when a "Bella" message was sprayed on the wall of the 200-year-old Wychbury Obelisk.  Most recently there were reportings of carving in the tree that foreshadowed Bella's return to the mortal realm.  Some suspected foul play, but most were pretty sure that it was a group of local satanists that had sacrificed to the dark gods in exchange for another generation of dark wizards.  They had produced 6 generations so far, and had-- I should save have-- no intentions of stopping now.  

As I'm sure you can imagine we had of our operatives that is in England head over to the scene to see what they could check out. Upon arrival, they found that there had definitely been something etched into the tree, however it had been etched over.  Apparently somebody didn't want anyone else to know what the etchings said, or what they meant.  I guess nobody will ever truly know.  However, you don't have to be disappointed, because our team was able to perform an effective excavation of the area.  Well, it was a mini-excavation. They didn't dig up Bella's tree or anything like that.  However, they were able to uncover this piece in the hollow part of the tree, as the body from Stourbridge had discovered the body so many years ago-- by climbing the tree.  I'm not sure if this piece was just overlooked before or if somebody brought this piece here to be charged with the energy of the place.  I'm going to guess that latter, because the piece itself doesn't appear to be that old.  Either way, this is the piece that was found in the tree.  

This item is the proof that Bella was the unwilling sacrifice of satanic rituals.  She was killed during the black magic rituals and stuffed in the tree trunk.  It's really kind of hard to tell if she was actually part of the satanic cult or not, because her presence in this ring is just so overwhelmingly magical.  I don't think it matters though, because this piece is very powerful.  Either way, whether she was a part of the group or not, the sacrifice was definitely unwilling.  You can tell from the energy in the piece.  It's not the energy is extremely heavy, you can tell that the victim wasn't ready to die yet.  However, she has been extremely successful in her transition into the afterlife and the otherworld. This tree is her portal that she used to cross back over into the mortal realm, during which she shapeshifts into a human to accomplish whatever she has come to accomplish. 

This ring holds her powers.  It even summons her presence to help and assist you with the magic.  If you look at the ring you will notice that the ring isn't Sterling or anything, but the top of it is fashioned in a unique design.  There is a spinner.  On one side of the spinner is a solitary star.  This signifies the sun.  On the other side is the moon and the night stars.   This is because Bella holds dual powers.  Again, it's unclear whether she had these powers during life or got them as a result of her death by black magic.  Either way, the powers in this piece are dual in nature.  You will gain all the powers of her white magic and her black magic, as well as her moon magic and her astrological magic.  This includes spells, divinations, incantations, psychic faculties and just straight up pure dual-witch magic!!  We have tested this piece several times and we all have pretty much agree that this is a very powerful dual magic piece for anybody's collection, whether you are a novice or a seasoned collector. 

Bella of the Elm
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