Bellona On Your Side

The home can be a very volatile place.  Most people envision their home as their santuary.  It is the place they go to that shelters them from the world at the end of a long day of work or whatever it is that they do that stresses them out.  It is where you start your family and where your family will grow.  However, just because this is how people see their home, doesn't necessarily mean that this is what the home is.  Sometimes, it's quite the contrary.  An evil being or energy can get lodged in the home, whether it's sent by someone or it just shows up there.  Once these beings are lodged and have decided they are going to root themselves somewhere it is near impossible to get rid of them.  

That's where this piece comes into play.  Summoned into this piece is a goddess named Bellona.  This goddess was born with smoky eyes of war for vengeance and justice.  She is the brother of Mars, the god of war.  She also happens to be the matron goddess and divine protector of the home.  This piece summons the presence of Bellona and when you wear it inside the home or leave it inside the home, she will protect you and your family.  She will permanently omit any evil presences-- demons, dark djinn, poltergeist, smells, hexes, curses, etc.  You name it, she rids it.  She will eat all the evil from your house that has lerched onto the souls of your family and has been causing thing like bad luck, lack of work, lack of money, depression, anxiety, temperament, etc.  She will spit this evil out and send it back to where it came from.  She will envelope your house in a new white light shield will deflect all negative and evil energies, entities, beings, etc.  She will bless your house with white light energies that will promote good luck and wealth.  The shiled will keep all white light energies in, as well, and will not let them escape you!  

Bellona On Your Side
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