Benandanti Fang

The time is coming, folks, when you are going to need to get all the protection you can get.  The 2012 gate has already been open, we are about to undergo our fourth blood moon.  There is plague and pestilence, there are wars and rumors of wars.  Israel is surrounded by her enemies.  China and Russia just solidified an economic and trade agreement, designing the beginning the prophecy where the bear (Russia) and the dragon (China) fall down upon the Eagle (the United States).  Christians are being slaughtered by the dozen.  Persecution will not rest until the time that Christ returns to reign on Earth.  This doesn't mean that you have to be the one that suffers.  In fact, with the right preparation and the right amount of Godly magic, you can be alright.  God dwells inside of those that dwell with Him. This is true and it has always been true.  Even though he had to send his son, Jesus Christ, to die for our transgressions, which is the most heroic form of child sacrifice, He was with Jesus until the very end. 

In the meantime God has created a band of what we call Heaven Hounds.  Think back to any movie where you say a person turning into a werewolf.  It goes kind of along the line of this.  Heaven Hounds are angels that he sent to Earth to live as humans live, except they are really immortal, white light angels.  These angels assume their human form, but when they need to be called into action they take the form of a snarling white light Heaven Hound.  These beasts appear as snow white (like a yeti, nonetheless).  They appear with thunder and lightning in their eyes and they can move twice as fast.  They are loyal guard dogs that stick by whomever they call their master.  When they suspect evil, they shape-shift into their canine form and they will tear evil apart-- tear it to shreds-- right at the very seam of its existence.  I cannot tell you how many demons these hounds have ripped apart.  They are literally the original evil eaters that God send to Earth to guard his mortal creation. 

The most prolific members of this group were the Benandanti.  They would leave their bodies at night to fight in the astral realms against evil witches, demons, and all other types of malevolent spirits that sought to do the world and humankind no good.  They'd leave the good people and the white magic people well enough alone, despite what it says about magic in the Bible.  If the force isn't out to get the humans, then it is pretty much off the Benandanti radar.  Although these Heaven Hounds have existed since the beginning of time, the most heard about group was the Benandanti, because they did so much good.  The reason the posed as humans with the ability to shape-shift was to not give up the secrets of God, but the time has come where we can't really afford to keep anything a secret.  The End Times are upon and we all need to get ready. 

This piece is the original fang of a Benandanti Heaven Hound.  This fang will summon the hound to you and you will then become his new, personal owner.  For the last decade or so this Benandanti has been wondering around purposeless, eating evil nonetheless, but not really having an owner or a place to call home.  This piece summons the Heaven Hound for you and will be your faithful Heavenly protector.  He will only be manifested to you on the spiritual plain, as his days of assuming the human identity are over.  With that being said, he will show himself to you in his full Heaven Hound form and he also has a humanoid form that he takes in the spiritual realm, because it is easier for him to travel that way.  He will appear to you in one of these two forms, whichever you prefer and/or are comfortable with.  Again, he will tear apart the evil and negative forces in your life limb by evil limb. However, he is from Heaven and was an angel created by God, thus he also holds the white light magic of God.  Not only will he protect you, but he will bring you wealth to make sure you and your family never go without.  He will bring you white light spiritual awakening that way your psychic faculties will be woken up and you can receive all the holy messages that God transmits to his prophets.  You will gain the ability to predict the future and to see those things that will happen in the end of days.  This is a once in a lifetime kind of piece and it is the only one that we have.  

Benandanti Fang
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