Beneficial Bennet

Beneficial Bennet

This piece is a direct link to Barrett, a Merman from beneath the deep blue sea.

Barrett does white light wishes only.  He is looking for a home with other water spirits, preferably merfolk... so if you have any items with mermaids, or creatures of the ocean, he will flourish and feel at home!

He is able to shape shift but MUST get to know you better first. He needs to be surrounded by white light spirits only, so if you have dark and evil entities, please do not bring him home!

During testing, one tester utilized the piece for nearly 3 months, as she kept having an odd dream that would cut off and she wanted to experience the end. Little by little she would progress in the dream, until finally she was able to live out the entire reel of the dream and it led her to meeting Barrett live -- as he shape shifted into a human man. She said she felt a very strong bond to him -- and almost contributed her feelings to love, but her husband was mad at all her excitement and time with the piece... that to keep the peace, she gave it back. We thought for sure she was going to end up buying it for herself!

So now he is available for you! He will grant you wishes, and the power of his abilities are magnified from being and living within the oceans water. The radiance of power magnifies in the waters to allow for contraction upward and beyond the waves -- -so now out of the waters his channeled abilities will react quickly to adhere your desires; and who knows, maybe he is the mer'man' of your dreams~?!

Beneficial Bennet
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