Benten's White Serpentine Messenger; Sex, Wealth, Love, MORE!!

Benten is a beautiful dragon goddess. She is the daughter of the Dragon King. She was her father's favorite daught, and thus was pampered by her father. She was given a wealth of magic and divination by her father. She is the beautiful goddess of many things including sex, fertility, music, dance, love, and wealth. She has dominion over all of Earth's treasures, both spiritual and material. She brings extreme happiness, wealth and joy. She is the only female member of the Shichi Fujukin who are the Seven Spirits of Good Fortune. She is revered in both the Shinto and Buddhist traditions. This piece came from her original alter at the bottom of Lake Biwa, which is near Kyoto, Japan. Here the goddess lives with her dragon consort. She married the once child-devouring dragon after he agreed to change his diet. It was a beauty and the beast story, as she fell in love with her husband and they live at the bottom of the lake, both in dragon form. However, when Benten surfaces to walk the Earth she is still her former, unearthly, beautiful self. She wears a white snake as a crown, which siginifies her immortality and spiritual purity. She sends out pure white snakes as her messengers to all corners of the Earth. This item holds one of Benten's highly regarded white snakes. It is of pure magical powers. It will give you the powers of Benten, including her sexual powers. Let me just tell you her husband, who can also take the same humanoid form as Benten, excpet as a male and without a white-snake crown, has no complaints. Benten is a champ at what she does. She can ride it up. She can ride it down. She can do circles. She knows how to ride it so that way she leaves her man begging for more. The best part? Her orgasms are always astral orgasms... which to a human is a mind altering form of magic!! This power can be used by either a man or woman to either perform better or help their partner perform better during sexual union. Aside from sex, this piece will assist you locating and growing a secure, stable connection with the partner of your dreams. We're talking a true spiritual connection, not just a mortal hook-up! You will also acquire the fertility aspect of Benten. I'm not talking about children. I'm talking about financial fertility. Benten is known for her gifts of extravagent wealth. This piece will give you the magical providence to and ability to begin sowing the seeds that will plant a fertile garden of wealth for your future. You will begin to see incredible spurts of wealth as early as 6 months after you obtain the piece. Think of it like this. Yes, we have wealth items that give instant gratification. However, would you rather buy a delicious fruit or would you rather have the power to grow yourself a whole garden of a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables? Exactly. Patience is a HUGE virtue that pays off incredibly. Especially with this piece. Benten will also bring you spiritual contentment and happiness. I know that this is sometimes looked over in terms of magic. However, spiritual contentment leads to spritiual healing and cleansing of the karma. It leads to spiritual rebirth. This means that all your magic, including the magic in this piece, will come to you more easily and in an even more epic proportion! This piece will, likewise, bring you pure white light protection. This item, again, summons a white snake messenger from Benten. It will manifest all of her powers to you. This piece is extremely multi-faceted and can be used for a variety of reasons! It will provide that poweful surge of energy you've been craving!!
Benten's White Serpentine Messenger; Sex, Wealth, Love, MORE!!
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