Better Than Pills!!

Natural Additives are Better than Pills<br /><br />

Prescription drugs kill over 100,000 annually. Even higher than the number of people who die from medication errors is the number of people who die from medication, period. Even when a prescription drug is dispensed properly, there's no guarantee it won't end up killing you.<br /><br />

A remarkable study in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that prescription drugs kill around 106,000 people in the U.S. every year... which ranks prescription drugs as the fourth leading cause of death. <br /><br />

Our bodies hold infusions of energy within the veins along with our blood. <br /><br />

Today there is such a desire to "fix" every little problem that things are overlooked and people are fed pills to solve their issues.<br /><br />

Do not allow yourself to be another victim to the stomach eating, heart eroding, mind dabbling medications that are killing humans today!<br /><br />

We have a variety of enforced vessels that are invoked with natural implicators that will merge with your body to help remove unwanted forces in your body. The forces are normally the contributors to the issues that we all feel and send us to the doctor.<br /><br />

Try the majestic and natural approach before jumping on the band wagon and doping yourself up with pills.<br /><br />

Do not get us wrong, there are medications that are necessary and very helpful, but some things simply can be balanced and purified through chemical interactions of energies.<br /><br />

That is what is offered to you here.... treasured items that will reveal interjections of  unambiguous reactions within your body to help you with conditions that are clouding your flow of life.<br /><br />

Just like me, you too can be on no daily meds and be seamless in health due to cleansing your self with the power in these pieces! Highly recommended!!<br /><br />

The beads on this piece are made out of spiritual healing stones.  They are very effective in balancing your natural energies!! 



Better Than Pills!!
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