Betz Sphere

Betz Sphere

On May 26, 1974, Terry Mathew Betz, a 21 year old pre-med student came across a small, metallic sphere after inspecting their property after a brush fire.  The sphere exhibited no damage due to the brush fire whatsoever.  He could not identify the object, which weighted 22 pounds and was approximately as large as a bowling ball.  At first there was nothing strange about the find other than the fact that it didn't face its demise in the fire.  It was certainly strange, but at first it was simply used to show off to friends.  Terry's friends were just as easily amused by this Jacksonville, FL native's find, so he used it to entertain. 

It was approximately two weeks later that Terry was showing off his orb to his friend while playing his guitar.  The music stimulate a response within the orb and began to give off high frequency waves that seriously disturbed the dog, but couldn't be heard by any of the human ears present.  However, the ball physically vibrated, creating alarm for Terry and his friend, fearing they had woken up a foreign source inside of the sphere.  From this day on, Terry insists that the ball sporadically hummed at high and low frequencies, some of which he could hear some of which he could not.

Of course this occurrence generate considerable buzz, but the fact of the matter is that nobody was ever able to identify what this sphere was, where it came from, or what it could do.  The sphere remained with Terry for a long time, but it seems to have gone missing as of late, as nobody can locate the sphere.  Well, almost nobody. 

Deedee gave me this file and the piece that goes with it approximately a week ago and I have been working on it since.  I'll tell you right up front that this piece have been made with the energy that was is in Terry Betz sphere.  Deedee's connection at Area 51 gave this item to her for testing.  Jason tested it before I tested it and Deedee tested it before him.  This piece is the manifestation of source of extraterrestrial power. 

I can't really tell you what kind or where it has come from simply because I don't know.  Really, the energy in this piece is an attunement energy and will awaken alien DNA in those who bond with this item properly.  This means that you will receive a full alien awakening.  Super intelligence operates at either super high frequency or super low frequency brain waves, which is why when we talk about awakening, we call it being on a higher level, because both levels are out of reach of human comprehension capacity and an enlightenment is the only way you can open the knowledge that these frequencies carry.  This object was made and specifically designed to capture all the knowledge of these frequencies, mimicking an alien technology that was put on earth in the form of a silver sphere. 

This knowledge will give you a deeper connection to the solar system and how everything moves and works together with the balance of astral sustenance.  Astral sustenance is the universal cosmos flow, which exists in space and connects our human existence to every other part existence, which we don't know about because our brains don't process this knowledge... again, because we don't process the frequencies that contain this knowledge, or rather those that give us the enlightenment to fully understand existence as it really is. 

This piece is our enlightenment.  It will infuse you with alien DNA that will give you a super frequency range of intelligence and comprehension whereby you will be able to interpret these frequency and gain the intelligence and all knowing power that they hold.  It will awaken the universal cosmic flow, which will attach your own thinking into the brain hub of the universe where all thoughts and intelligence is held.  This will give you a connection to ALL sources of knowledge of existence and you will exist as a higher being, exhibiting virtually any power/ability you want, because all knowledge is held in the brain hub... which ironically is also sphere.  Either way, this piece is very enlightening and very powerful! 

Betz Sphere
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