Bhtanese Treasures

Bhutanese Treasures

A few years ago, I took a rather interesting humanities class at a local college, simply for the purpose on personal enlightenment. I ended up becoming very good friends with a girl that was deeply into achieving a higher spirituality. It should be knows, that I personally do not care what religion a person is, because if they are with attaining a high spirituality, I'm with it. This is a good way to learn about ourselves as well as others. Most of the time, there are special abilities associated with attaining a higher spirituality as well, and well, you know that's my specialty. I really love defying the so called “laws” of Newtonian Physics. The way I see it, they were never written in stone, anyhow. Being magical is fun.

Anyway, this girl in my humanities class and I became very good friends. In fact, we became such good friends that we decided to embark upon a spiritual quest together. I really didn't know what to expect, but apparently she knew exactly what was going to take place. Our spiritual quest took us to a far eastern place... a place so far east and out there that you probably haven't even heard of it... yet. Does Bhutan ring a bell? For those of you who actually know where this place is, you get an A+ on your geography test. For those of you who don't know where Bhutan is, allow me to explain. Bhutan is a small landlocked kingdom is East Asia that is overshadowed by the Republic of India on three sides, except for on the North, where it is neighbored by the People's Republic of China. It is in this country that the religious practice known as Buddhism was originated.

I was excited to visit Bhutan for several reasons. The first reason was because I was hopeful in gaining insight into my journey of spiritual excellence. The second reason is that from the pictures online, the place seemed to beautifully picturesque. The third and final reason I was so excited to visit this place is because it is pretty fun to say. Try it. Bhutan... Bhhhuuuuttttaaannnnn. Anyway, we packed our bags and left for Bhutan. When we got there we took a tour of the tiny kingdom and the place was actually as picturesque as the photos on the sight of the resort we ended up lodging at. I would recommend the trip to anyone.

It came time for a tour of an ancient Buddhist monastery, and we were stoked for the adventure that we were about to embark upon. We arrived fifteen minutes early to our destination, and waited eagerly. I don't really know how to display such deepened remorse as that I felt when I realized that this place wasn't an actual Buddhist monastery. I mean, it was... but it was so commercialized that it didn't feel authentic, and I was extremely disparaged. However, after our tour, we met up with some people from our flight to Bhutan and had lunch with them in a restaurant that served authentic Bhutanese cuisine. It was fantastic. Well, the server overheard me ranting about how disappointed I was with our tour and when it came time to pay our check, she motioned for me to follow her. I did and she took me to a room that was through the kitchen, back a hallway and to the left. When we arrived to our destination, what was revealed to me was an actual Buddhist shrine, dedicated to what she described as the original Bhutanese Buddha-- the one who founded it all. She invited to come back with my friend later on, around midnight for an authentic experience in Bhutanese Buddhism. She also told me that lunch for my party and I was on the house (double score!!) and with a smile she showed me the door.

When my friend and I arrived at the restaurant, it was about a quarter till twelve. We knocked on the door, and the woman who had served us earlier opened the door and greeted up with a smile. The servers name was Tanzie, and we didn't have any problem speaking to her as English is the predominant language in Bhutan, for some reason... probably the tourism industry. Anyway, she led us back to the place she had led me earlier. My friend from my humanities class almost peed her pants, she was that excited. We were put in garb, and ordered to sit on the floor. Tanzie and several others joined us and we were led in a Blessings Consecration Ceremony of the Buddha, during which two pieces of the jewelry from the wooden box were selected, and the powers of the Buddha responsible for the Consecrations of Blessing was invoked into the pieces. The pieces were then presented to my friend and I. We were ecstatic with our new gifts. After the ceremony was over we thanked all of the members of the ceremony and returned to our hotel. Compared to this, the remainder of our stay was rather minuscule. And you better bet your bottom dollar that as soon as I arrived home, I began a closer examination of the pieces that we were given.

Turns out the pieces that were given to me and my friend were forged with authentic Bhutanese Buddhist powers. They were infused with a spiritual language, that when worn communicates with the spirits, imploring their blessings of prosperous enlightenment. Each piece will pray to the bodhisattvas for you. Those are the spirits that have already achieved buddhahood. They will come to you and intermingle with your spiritual existence, launching you also into spiritual buddhahood. In this state you will be free from obstructions to the mental and spiritual liberation. Your spirit will be set completely free, giving you the power to be omniscient. You will see all things with clarity and know all things without obscuration. You will enter a state of superior and continuous bliss and all limitation in physical and spiritual ability will be lifted. You will be given the unique ability to reach out to others and bring them into bliss as well. Additionally, you will be able to receive wisdom and prophecy from the Buddhist ancients that also have achieve bodhisattvas. These pieces are not for the faint of heart, and will lift you into some serious levels of spirituality, so if you feel you can't handle it, don't try. This is for the best of the best, and will give you power accordingly. So now, all that's left to do is soar!!
Bhtanese Treasures
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