Binded Mouth

Binded Mouth

This piece is used to prevent someone from giving away a secret. It is a form of sympathetic magic.

The concentration of power in this piece will block the person you use this on to prevent them from being able to speak. You will be safeguarded from having your secret(s) expelled upon the world.

We all have things we do not want others to know, and often time these things can hinder other aspects of our lives --- so now you can ensure that you will not need to have any problems in the future; as you know what they say "things always have a way of coming out"... but now you can ensure that will not be the case for you!!

Don't "almost" get away with it... do it with re-missive energies on your side to allow your secrets to go to the grave~!

This is a phenomenal piece ~

Binded Mouth
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