Bioenergetic Telekinesis/f*

Bioenergetic Telekinesis/f*

Bioenergy is an Eastern European concept of the universal life force, which is seen to tie all things together, and which may be controlled and directed by will. Bioenergy is used in healing disciplines and is said to radiate from human bodies. This energy is associated with psychokinesis.

The term "Telekinesis" was coined in 1890 by Russian psychical researcher Alexander N. Aksakof. Originally telekinesis was coined to refer to the movement of objects thought to be caused by ghosts of deceased persons, mischievous spirits, angels, demons, or other supernatural forces.

You have to be able to know how to encompass the spirits with your mind in order to use the powers within your life force. We believe that we have discovered a connection between bioenergy and telekinesis; when testing this piece we found that the movement of objects by spirits are signs to help show ways to heal.

The vital energy from a healer is given to a patient whose own energy field is depleted and out of balance. The transmission is done using biocurrents.

This necklace will unlock bio-energy that will run through your body. There is an undiscovered ability of bio-energy flowing through your hands. Your hands may be "energetic", and you may make everyday use of it. You can develop ability to feel bio-energy fields with your hands. You can also develop an ability to regulate and modulate energy fields around you or other people with your hands, thus influence your physical and subtle energetic bodies with healing energy relieving imbalances in energy fields and bringing health and energetic balance.

Everyone possesses a more or less powerful bio-energy field which interacts with fields of others. Human energy fields of different people may interact with each other also bringing energetic imbalance or discomfort. Nevertheless, you may fix any imbalance energetically. You may also learn how to manage life situations with your bio-energy. The vital energy can be transferred from person to person. With developed bio-energetic ability, you will be able to perform bio-energy healing or energetic management, control any condition, event, or situation in your life energetically. If you choose to help yourself, your loved ones and your pets with the life-supporting energy in your hands, you will maintain an energetic balance in their energy fields which bring them health and vitality.

You will NOT be granted the ability to cure diseases, but rather the ability to transfer good aura to those who are in a bad place. This piece embodies the ability to heal negative energy; by helping you send positive energy to someone in need. You can help charge the vitality and integrity of someone’s spirit by helping charge their life force with the bio-energy in which you will receive from this necklace!
Bioenergetic Telekinesis/f*
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