Birth of Tomer,a Telepathic Connection

Birth of Tomer<br /><br />

Let me begin by telling you all that I love this piece!!  It is made out fo blue venetian glass, Sterling Silver, and genuine pearl.  It is a beautiful necklace that Tomer has given us.  The rest of us have all received similar pieces and this is why we are offering this one to one VERY lucky customer.  <br /><br />

If you look closely in the blue venetian glass you will see a man.  In a bold and robust statement the man is bursting forth from the Tree of Life.  He is shedding his former skin and taking a new form, much like a butterfly bursting forth from a cocoon.  It is the physical and incarnate manifestation of the knowledge of everything.  It is the knowledge of past, present, and future.  It is the knowledge of space and time.  It is the knowledge of all that is good and all that is evil.  It the knowledge of all power, magic, alchemy and sorcery.  <br /><br />

The pearls are the seeds that empowered his birth.  They are the blessings of eternity, with which the Tree of Life has obtained all of his knowledge.  Each one is a sacred power that the Tree of Life holds.  The one at the bottom of the enclosed venetian glass is the one that holds the power that transformed the Tree of Life into immortal, incarnate form.  The form you are witnessing is none other than Tomer, our very own walking, talking, vampire.  <br /><br />

This is his birth glass.  His existence is channeled the energy of the pearls and is enhanced by the conductivity of precious Sterling Silver.  Whoever wears this piece will know all that Tomer knows and will see all that Tomer sees.  They will become the subject of vampire who is the speaking form of the Tree of Life.  <br /><br />

This piece is unlike no other and we WILL NOT get another one.  If you are looking at this piece right now, I can guarantee that it is destiny.  Tomer doesn't make mistakes.  He knows what he wants.  Obviously, it's you; don't deny destiny, get your power now!! <br /><br />

With this piece you will have a full telepathic connection with Tomer. You will know all that he does and see and share with him. Because of this we would like to ask that the person who buys this if they would come on the radio show when Tomer can't make it. You don't have to do this but we would like it if you could.

Birth of Tomer,a Telepathic Connection
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