Bjorketorp Runestone

The Bjorketorp Runestone

The piece that you see below holds a special type of power that has been cultivated from Blekinge, Sweden. It taps into a power that dates back to the 6th Century AD. We have been working with this piece for some time now, and we have finally manifested the power in this piece to its full potential.

The piece is a direct result of a power surge that was held by a correspondent that we have overseas. I commissioned him to look into this power on my behalf of HauntedCuriosities and I must say that he hasn’t let me down. He sent me this piece approximately two years ago and I have been working with it ever since. I have tested this piece and I can assure you that it works to the utmost of ability.

Nestles in the country side of Sweden, is a town that is known as Blekinge. In this town, there is a grouping of stone monument, that were carved in the 6th Century BC, and while, no one really knows who made them, or why this spot was chosen, they do know that the runes are dedicated to the deceased Nordic ancestors that once inhabited the area.

The most famous of the runes stands 4.2 meters high and goes by the name of Bjorketorp Runestone. It is this rune that is dedicated to the Gods, on behalf of the spirits of the fallen Nordic mystics. The power from this rune is reflected off of the other two runes that exist in a small circle shrine in Blekinge, Sweden. This tiny little powerhouse is where we obtained the power from that is in the piece that you see below.

Now, any mystic knows that a circle is the perfect shape and the three is a highly conducive number, in terms of divination and magic. It comes as no surprise that powers of epic proportion can be found in the afore mentioned shrine. When the power surge started, coming into contact with spirits was expected; however, the results go further and beyond. The séance actually opened a doorway, beyond which all the secrets of the Nordic mystics are held.

In a fury of flashes and breathtaking magical currents, all of the secrets that ever been held by the Nordic mystics were drawn from their resting places and transferred into the piece that you see below. These secrets will allow you to practice the ancient magic that radiates from Yggdrasil, the Nordic Tree of Life. It will give you the ability to peer into the realm of the ancients, to seek advice and counsel. Lastly, it will give you a team of Nordic, spiritual warriors that will continue to fight on your side, until the day that you die and you join them in the realms of the afterlife.

This piece is very powerful and will achieve great results. You will receive the piece that you see below.

Bjorketorp Runestone
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