Black Angel Witch

Black Angel Witch

A force not to be reckoned with -- Mallory is an illustrator of dark forces. She has practiced with immortal spell casters and has gained rare insight to unbelievable spells and rites of passage in the forcefield of black magic.

We are very limited in the number of dark energy pieces we sell, as we have only a few testers who will utilize them, but all of them used this piece and were very impressed with her instinctual connection that allowed them to implement revenge, send shockwaves of dstruction and bring near death experiences to those who have damned them.

You are able to get the payback that you have longed for, or merely utilize your passion for dark arts and learn the ropes of emissive black magic from Mallory.

Her skills have been discovered to be ultimately limitless and there is nothing too evasive for her to do for you, and with you. She will empower you with her energies, as well as use your internal elements to proclude the wishes that you have to direct your personal energies outward to get the responses you have been desiring to accomplish from your deepest, darkest goals~!


Black Angel Witch
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