Black Heart

Black Heart
Emergent to create an awakening to emotions and appeal to others, this piece showcases the harness of the hindered black heart! Many humans close themselves off, or feel that their opinions or ideas are the only vantage points, and thus push away others.
The piece has energies acquired from Grizzelle to allow the most miserable human to acquire social skills -- this is a great gift for Anyone, male or female -- an can be given without knowledge as a pendant, keychain charm, or even as an adornment on a gift to get it into their home.
It will create a kinetic connection simply by being near the person -- so you can help someone without them even having to know!
Helping someone, can in most cases, help you!! Have a miserable, and nasty boss? co-worker? wife? boyfriend? etc. -- this is the piece for you!!
Enlighten them with emotions, compassion and break away their "black" heart!
Black Heart
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