Black Rose Pantheon


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Black Rose Pantheon

Okay, quick history lesson.  Many, many years ago when England decided it was going to try to conquer the world, which they came pretty close to doing, they decided that Ireland was not a sovereign nation.   Thus, under laws of the time, Ireland was not to be referred to by name.  After all, why call it Ireland when it actually belongs to England, which means it should just be called England... right?  Anyway, since York was the White Rose and Lancaster was the Red Rose, the pseudonym for Ireland became the Black Rose, so as not be excuted for saying the actual name, Ireland.  It works out. 

Anyway, this piece is a take on the fact hat Ireland, at one point, was the Black Rose.  The ring that you are looking at resembles a rose, with a white bead on the very top.  It is infused with ancient Celtic magic that has been mainstreamed into the Wiccan religion.  This piece was actually made and empowered by my couisn't friend who is a Wicca priestess.  Their powers are all white light, as I'm sure you know.  This piece summons the spirits of the sacred Irish Pantheon.  it will work to summon any of that gods that you a particular need for.  Some gods are easier to summon than others, but with this piece it will come naturally. The bead?  Well, that is for spiritual protection and the resistance of evil.  Sometimes during summoning rituals, dark spirits like to "trick" their way into the mortal realm by posing as an entity they most definitely are no.  This bead will ward off all evil and dark influence from your experiences, while working hard to summon the essence of the deity you wish to get into contact with!! 

Black Rose Pantheon
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