Blazing Planetary Detoxication

Blazing Planetary Detoxication

This is a ball of fury that imparts the reign of potent sexual energy! This heightens the whole sexual experience, especially that of the orgasm!

This involves four factors of power that have been energized within the piece.

1. The aspects of extrasensory perception are heightened during sexual excitation.
2. Immediately before, during and after climax the mind will be in a state of hypersensitivity
3. Consistency of peak sexual sensations will facilitate access to the unconscious realms
4. During orgasm you will experience timelessness and a total dissolution of the ego, accompanied by subjective sensations of being "absorbed by" your partner.

The whole copulation process of this piece follows the pattern of starting slowly and gradually building up, getting faster and faster, until the final explosion of the climax.

Your mind will be blazed by the extremities of delight and sensation that you will feel and experience!

Blazing Planetary Detoxication
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