As all of you know who contact me through email, my salutation is "Blessings" -- this is because that is my wish for every one of you.

I want to see you all be blessed with the incredible array of energies and powers that are prominent throughout our world!

Even though good things are able to generate, we often need vessels, or help to have them become implemented into our lives .... as there are even more negative regiments that are prominent in the core of our existence!

The dark forces attack us when we are happy and things are going well, so we need strong white light forces to battle them and protect us.

This pendant is great, simply put -- it states its enrichment!

"Blessed life" --- that is what this will implore for you! From the first time that you put it on, you will sense a warmth that will interject a connection with your aura and bring you protection, strength and luck -- all which will allow good things to come forward, and help you get the blessed life you deserve!


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