Blood Rites of the Moche: Anything You've Ever Wanted Is Yours

Times were tough for those people who lived in the villages surrounding the great Pyramid, called Huaca Rajada.  This is why the villagers began looking to the pyramids as an income and not a sacred site of their ancestors' burials.  The sacred sanctuary was brought to national attention after the infamous tomb raider, Ernil Bernal led a small group of men into the pyramid in an effort to excavate any treasure they could find.  For most of that fateful night, their attempts to find any amount of treasure were mediocre at best. Then, right before they were about to give up, Ernil hit the jackpot.  He noticed that the pyramid of one the passage ways they had to travel through wasn't the same as the rest.  Rather it was patched up quite roughly.  He said a little prayer to his ancestors to bless his attempts and he then took a rod he had been carrying and jabbed at the ceiling. 

Next thing he knew, Ernil found himself in a cave in.  His brother came to rescue him and toErnil's surprise, he was barely conscious, he wasn't buried by dirt or gravel.  Rather he was buried in ancient buried treasures... up to his neck!!  The group of looters began sacking up the goods and it wasn't long before greed set in and the the robbers began to turn on one another.  One was shot dead and when another didn't get what he thought was his fair share of the loot, he went to authorities and ratted the rest of them out. 

It was late in the night when Walter Alva, a Doctor in archaeology got the phone call from police begging him to come in to examine the treasures that were raided from Ernil's home.  Ernil, himself, had been killed in the raid by police on his encampment and they needed Alva's help in determining if the artifacts were, indeed, authentic.  Suffering from bronchitis, Dr. Alva was very hesitant to arrive at the request of the police, but for the sake of his trade, he kind of felt obligated, so he obliged.  He expected to find little more than some bits of pottery or other insignificant remains.  He almost fell out of his chair when he realized that what he was dealing with was an actual Moche death mask, made of hammered gold, with silver eyes and cobalt blue stone pupils.  This led to an excavation effort that eventually unearthed more tombs similar to the one Ernil and his men had uncovered. 

Through his examination of other graves in the Pyramid, Alva realized that the pyramid was mainly a grave for ancients of noble namesake.  He found a few graves belonging to Mochewarrior kings, clad enough gold to feed the entire country.  He also found graves of High Priests, with just as much ceremonious treasure, if not more.  After examining the other graves, Alva was dismayed to learn that not all of the original artifacts have been returned from Ernil'sransacking of the pyramid.  The half of it was, the half was either kept by the looters and sold at face value, or traded through underground trade venues; and this is how we ended up with the red stone that was placed into the ring that you see pictured in this listing.  

The Moche High Priest was in charge of everything related to the gods.  He assisted in divine items that were used for war.  He was in charge of spirit journeys to the outer realms, and he oversaw sacrificial blood rites that were done by kings and warriors.  When we first got this piece were were very excited when we realized what we had in our hands.  This stone is one that was used during a Moche sacrificial blood offering to appease the gods. It was found byErnil and his men in the grave of High Priest the night of the plundering.  It was made using the blood of a virgin that was selected from the village, who gladly took part in the ritual.  It was believed that those virgins who allowed themselves to be sacrificed willingly would remain the right hand side of the gods in death.  The blood that was used to make this piece was the blood of innocence and thus the gods enchanted with ability to bring, to the people, the power of unlimited wishes.  

The blood rite stone that we acquired that has been used to make this piece will bring, to you, the appeasement of the gods.  As we all know, the gods are capable to granting anything we ask for.  The fact that this piece brings you an amount of unlimited wishes means that you can ask for anything and it will be done.  If you want wealth, fame, fortune, or love, this piece will bring it to you.  If you want to use this piece go grant good luck spells then this piece will bring you that.  You can use this piece is asking it to curse those who have done wrong to you and it will be done.  Anything that you can think of, all you have to do is ask and will either be given to you or done on your behalf.  That is the power we are offering in this piece, and I'm sure there are very few of you who will decline.  Just remember, this piece is one of a kind and once it is gone, it is gone.  If you want to secure these very special, very rare powers for yourself, then you should do so now, before it is too late! 
I do not believe this ring to hold any sterling at least not on the band which is adjustable.  Being adjustable you can most likely take it to a size 9. The top of the ring is what is important on this ring so you may remove it if you wish to with no ill effects. 
Blood Rites of the Moche: Anything You've Ever Wanted Is Yours
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