Blood Tomb of a Sanguine Vampire

Let me first begin by saying that this piece does not hold a specific entity.  You will not have to bond with anything or share powers with anyone or anything.   Instead what this power holds is a completely different, extremely rare, and extraordinarily powerful opportunity.  In fact, in my time working with Deedee at HauntedCuriosities, it is the first piece of its kind that I have ever come across.  She said she has some more like it, but confirms that they are extremely rare and hard to find.<br /><br />

This item is the original blood relic of a sanguine vampire.  It is a more modern ring, but the vampire that it had once belonged to was originally birthed in the 1200s.  This piece is so powerful, because it allows you to travel back in time to experience “life” as the vampire had experienced.  I call this piece the Tomb of Sanguine Blood, because it was cast specifically at the vampires request, using alchemy and a mixture of sterling silver, onyx and vampire's blood.<br /><br />

The power exhibited in this ring comes from from the power of the vampire's blood, as well as the power held in onyx.  Onyx has long held the metaphysical powers associated the wheel of life-- birth, death, and rebirth.  It also acts a a very powerful and effective past life and between-life regressive property.  This means that it holds a very forceful power that allows a fully manifest black onyx to give a person the power to jump into past lives, those lives either being others' or their own.  <br /><br />

In this case, the mixture of the vampire blood and the black onyx allows for the perfect combination of power to end your life cycle as the old you and become the new you.  Using this piece, you will be able to leave this life behind and assume the life of a 13th Century Sanguine vampire.  You will assume its role and responsibility.  You will gain the power of its entirety, including all the metaphysical, psychic, telekinetic, magical, and trans-migratory aspects of being a sanguine vampire.  This piece doesn't hold the vampire form, rather it is the power to transform you into the vampire form.  You can meet the previous owner of this item if you so choose.  If you don't want to, you don't have to.  The choice is yours.  <br /><br />

I used this piece to be sent back into time to 1444 during the Battle of Varna and obtain powerful energies from the Sultan of the Ottoman empire; this I did by entertaining him with glimpses of the future.  With the sultan's powers , I was able to conjure a djinni, but that's an entirely different story.  The best part about this piece is that you will be able to retain your vampiric energies, both when you are visiting and reliving the past in vampire form, and in your current life that coincides with your human existence.  You will become immortal when you travel in time, meaning what happens to you there cannot hurt you  in your human life.  You will, however, eventually have the option of transferring your existence solely to your vampire form when old age sets in.<br /><br />  

This piece is different and takes a little bit of getting used to, but it is very powerful.  If you are one of those that has always dreamed of becoming a vampire, but didn't want the added stress of immortality and /or having to give up your life to do so, this is the piece for you!!<br /><br />   

Blood Tomb of a Sanguine Vampire
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