Blood of Christ Vampire SW

It all started with a swipe of the blade, a Roman soldier drew the blood of Christ. At the time 2 things happened, the soldier licked the blood off his blade and a man seeing the wound helped Christ and in doing so collected some of the blood of Christ. The man who had helped Christ later found the blood had turned to garnets of rarity, of the soldier worse things had happened, he was cursed by his thirst for blood. Eventually the cursed soldier was killed but his spirit is still connected to the garnets.

The soldier after living and thirsting for blood had finally seen the errors of his way but by then it was too late. He fell in love with a woman about 150 years ago and she had the pin made from the garnets. Now in spirit, still a vampire, the soldier is forever connected to the pin; he holds all power and knowledge and can pass that in the form of energy to you.

The pin is over 150 years old and is very powerful. Some call it a vampire pin for it holds the soul of a vampire and some call it a truth pin because for once you see the truth, it’s an opening of the eyes. To blend with the vampire you would add your blood to him.

The soldier is well build and a tough sort and at the time not very bright but over the years he has changed and is now very intelligent, but his lust for blood and sex are still out of his control. He is able to love and to have full physical sexual relations and shows himself as a tan skinned, blonde haired, green eyed man. You will FEEL him inside you when he comes.
Blood of Christ Vampire SW
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