Blood of the Vampire

We have transformed these rings into very powerful pieces using the powers of Tomer, our vampire connection.  During a Vampire Blood Ritual we were able to pull energy through that transformed these rings into vessels of power.  Each of these rings contains a vessel with that opens up.  Inside the Vessel, you will find a sampling of Vampire Blood.  This Blood has come from Tomer.  It will give you full powers of a walking vampire and will give you all of Tomer's ability including the magic and sorcery he inhereted from his parents (that have been neutralized with white powers).  It also gives you timeless knowledge as the knowledge that he exhibits comes from before the existance of life.  To use this piece, wear the ring and allow the powers in the Blood of the Ring to bond with you and to take effect. <br /><br />

For those of you who tuned into the radioshow last Thursday, this is the power that was causing the interference.  His powers were so strong that they were emanating-- right through cellular airwaves, causing technical difficulties and disturbances.  I have never experience such a powerful being.   This is the power that has been transposed and seal in these three rings with the Blood of Tomer, our walking living vampire. <br /><br />

We have three of these pieces, they are all sterling silver, which works especially well during manifestation of magic.  Two of them are beautifully decorated with garnets and elaborately designed.  The other is also elaborately designed, but instead, features a milky white moonstone.  The radiation of the powers of Tomer's Blood from these pieces is so strong, that I can barely handle all three of them at once!!  If you are looking for a good way to gain the powers of a real, walking, all-powerful, extremely knowledgable, milennia-old vampire, this is the way to go!!  I have never experienced a nother piece quite like this one before!! <br /><br />

You will recieve one of the items shown.  They are all equally as powerful as the other two!!  <br /><br />

Blood of the Vampire
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