Bloodline of Wealth; Wealth of the Wyvern

The power that is in this piece is seriously taking it back a very long, long time.  I'm talking like medieval long.  It's probably even older than that.  Well, I don't anybody to be confused.  I'm not saying that this piece is that old, what I am saying is that the entity that is in this piece has been summoned since those times.  The entity in the piece is even older than that, given that it was already old when it was summoned into the piece.  You get what I'm trying to say.  This entity that it is in this piece has changed vessels many times; but the entity itself is very ancient.  
Here's a little history lesson for those of you aren't savvy.  The Wyvern is something more than just a character that some guy made up for dungeons and dragons to make millions.  He might have popularize the Wyvern into modern culture-- okay modern geek culture, admittedly-- but the Wyvern has been around for eons.  A Wyvern is a dragon of sorts, but not necessarily a dragon in and of itself, although most people tend to label it a dragon when they see it.  That's because they don't really know the difference.  A Wyvern is different because it does has the head and wings of a dragon; however it has a more reptilian body, only two legs, and a barbed tale.  They don't breath fire, as far as I'm aware and most dragons have four legs.  
The Wyvern that has been summoned into this piece comes from a day in age where dragons were readily sought out to be slayed.  Given the fact that the people of the time didn't really keep much of a distinction between the two, they pretty much assumed that the Wyvern was a dragon, given that they held similarly types of countenance.   Dragons and Wyverns in general were not really as mean and nasty as people nowadays make them out to be.  They actually tended to a more docile type of creature when left alone and didn't come along to destroy villages just because.  I don't mean to make a blanket statement.  Some of them were just miserable, kind of like pet dogs who bite people just because they feel like it.  This concept can be translated.  Now, it has been long known that dragons are in love with their wealth.  They seek out gold and gems and all sorts of riches to take them back the caverns and cakes that they dwell in.  They love to play with their riches and count their riches.  When dragons really got nasty is when humans showed up to besiege the treasures that the dragon has amassed.  In their comprehension the dragon was a beast that needed to be slain and to the victor goes the spoils.  Thus, many people provoked these dragons by assailing their homes to steal their riches.  Now, hear me out... if somebody came to my house trying to steal my money, I would never simply answer the door and say, "Hey! What's Up?  Go ahead and help yourself!!"  It is no wonder that these creature became known for their violence toward human kind-- an rightfully so!!  
Now, we are talking about Wyverns.  Add in the fact that Wyverns are even more attracted to their wealth, they spend all of their time in freezing, Arctic places, they only have two legs, and they have a way shorter temper than a dragon would ever have.  It makes for a very brutal ending for whomever tries to capture their fortunes, does it not?  They have talons that make an eagle's talons look like stubby children's play toys.  Their scales are like blades of steel.  You don't exactly want to get on their bad side.  Still, people tried to as hard as they could to steal the coveted treasure of Wyverns just the same as they did Dragons.  In fact, it was more a victory to steal the Wyvern's treasure than the Dragons, because their appetite for wealth was 10x more voracious than their distant cousins.  Again, people didn't really make the distinction between the two, so they just thought it was a bigger jackpot is all.  That's why I'm telling you... to slay a Wyvern took skill and the plunders were enough to make sure that your family and many generations after you had died were set up financially.  With that being said, it wasn't a task that was plentifully accomplished through history.  Which brings me to my next point-- the family that was able to outsmart the Wyvern.  
When you talk about British history, everything is always about the Tudors.  The Tudors this, the Tudors that.  Well, the Plantagenet's were richer and more influential than the Tudors will ever have been.  Besides, if you want to get technical, Henry VII was matrilineally a Plantagenet, anyhow.  They were the ones responsible or the signing of the Magna Carta, under which British entered a Golden Age.  My point is that they were smart people and they ruled with wisdom.  
It was this family that first realized that they didn't have to fight the Wyvern in order to gain its wealth.  Rather, if they used a spell to summon the presence of a Wyvern and then trap him in a vessel, they could use his voracious appetite for wealth to make themselves wealthy without ever having to get beaten or bloody.  So, they used their influence to call upon a witch who agreed to do the ritual for them.  They traversed to Denmark with a royal cartel that left them at the bottom of a mountain.  The men of the Plantagenet family ascended to the apex with the witch.  At the mouth of the cave a transference spell was said the Wyvern that lived within was summoned into  a vessel that they carried with them.  It was then that the the wealth of the Plantagenet's picked up and their dynasty took full control of the throne and Britain knew a Golden Age.  This entity has been passed down along the royal bloodline through Henry VIII who was maternally a Plantagenet, but also a Tudor, which married into the family of the House of York.  It's complicated, but the entity has been passed down the succession of British royalty, but was lost somehow in 1917 when the King George renamed the royal family the House of Windsor.
Well, their loss is our gain.  This entity has changed hands several times even finding itself in the hands of both the Rockefeller family and the Rothschild Dynasty.  It has been a featured piece at underground meet-ups for years and has even seen its way to a Bilderberg meeting.  It has been used in wealth rituals in the Bohemian Grove and most recently it was owned by the Bush family, as it was given to the elder by Ronald Reagan as a gift.  They will all deny it, just like they deny everything, but this piece has its way of getting around.  I'm not going to tell you how we came about the piece, a we are under contract not to divulge that information.  What I can tell you is that he is a very prominent businessman and is one that has not seen very many failures in life, but rather has been "plagued", if that's what you want to call, by the best of luck and nothing but extreme wealth.  
The current vessel that this Wealth Wyvern finds himself in can be used like a Voodoo stick pin.  You can make something that embodies your personal energies or has, attached to it, something about you physically.  This will attach your astral imprint to the piece that you've made.  Then you stick the piece you've made with the piece that you've bought from us.  Then, you wait for the wealth to come pouring in.  I've told you the history of the entity in this piece.  There is no mistaking that this is one of the most prolific wealth pieces that we've had our hand on in a very long time.  The pin itself depicts a Wyvern, appropriately, who is holding a jewel in his mouth.  This is indicative of the fact that he will eat the wealth from across all realms of existence and deliver the wealth powers thereof to you, personally.  This power is not diminutive at all and will bring whomever buys it extreme wealth beyond anything imaginable.  We almost kept this one for ourselves, but we already know the outcome of that and all the wealth in the world isn't worth messing with the cycles of karma.  So, this piece is now or sale.  We only have one and likely only ever will have one as there is only one entity.  You don't want to miss out on this piece.  It is definitely a life-changer.  
Bloodline of Wealth; Wealth of the Wyvern
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