Bonlae Magical Powers

Godly Embrace Upon the Kushites

Ta-Seti, also known as the Land of the Bow is an area that lies south of the First Cataract at Aswan. Those who live there are noted for their amazing skills at using a bow an arrow for protection.<br /><br />

The inhabitants have unparalleled abilities that people train for decades to try and mimick, without success.<br /><br />

Kushites were the first to settle Ta-Seti, and this dates back as far as the First Dynasty. Eventually others came to their land and they began to train for the daily protection that they may need.<br /><br />

One member of their fleet, an Egyptian Pharaoh sought summit in his connection with the Gods. The imperil connection brought forth the beat of the dissertation that empowered the original settlers the defining strength to be purely amazing with the bow.<br /><br />

In all of the world all the units of military and armed forces wish to embark on this knowledge, but it is nothing that can be learned!<br /><br />

You need to be empowered through the Gods and this imperial gift is a rare completion of strength and talent that is granted by a successor. <br /><br />

We were blessed by a find that literally shattered windows in our front office.<br /><br />

The testing location is in a room with no windows because of the extremities of power that can surge from the items we receive and find.<br /><br />

When Deedee came in with this amazing item it threw off so much energy that one of our testers grabbed it right away and they seized a huge volt of power that radiated the room and made the front windows shatter -- it was crazy!<br /><br />

After ensuring we were in a safe room the testing continued and we found that this artifact was endowed with the essential powers that regined down upon the Pharaoh when he called upon the Gods.<br /><br />

You will be given the strength to take everyone by surprise with your gifts of supreme divinity. The fortified elements of power, talent, and grit that were granted to the Kushites can be yours.<br /><br />

The ancient efforts of the Gods will implore a radiated burst of hydration in your aura that will make you a generational carrier of extreme sensations.<br /><br />

No longer will you EVER need to fear others, as you will be stronger than any human who has even mastered complete physical fitness and trained in extreme martial arts!<br /><br />

The unparalleled mixture of power through bonlae magic, divine blessings, and centuries of molded grace, through the realm of all worldly spirits is what will authorize your body, mind, and soul when you have this item in your presence!<br /><br />

*There is no need for a bond, as the extreme sensation that empowers this piece will generate a shocking connection when you simply have this in your presence.<br /><br />

Bonlae Magical Powers
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