Bosnian Limitless Realities

Bosnian Limitless Realities

In 2005 the world was shocked when ruins from a pyramid in Bosnia defied all means of putting a time frame on our human civilization.  Previous to the discovery, the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian periods are considered to be the first traces of human existence.  However, recent carbon datings done on an organic substance found on the Bosnian Pyramid proves that it is from nearly 20,000 years ago; that gives an extra 15,000 years between the dating of the pyramid and our currently known "first" existence of mankind. 

Who were these ancient constructors?  Well, that's the part that has mystified scientists.  They aren't really sure who is responsible for these structures... because as far as they previously knew, there weren't any people around this far back to construct anything.  It really compromises the whole timeline that has been constructed by the science community.  In fact, this pyramid almost wasn't discovered.  For years and years, the pyramid was though to be a hill on the outskirts of a town in Bosnia; and for good reason.  It is covered with a mass of organic material, then on top of that grow trees and usual shrubbery.

No entrance to the pyramid has been identified; however, there was an underground network of tunnels discovered that contains tens of miles of tunnels that have been reported, possibly more.  In these tunnels are ceramic blocks that seem to serve as markers, possibly marking the site of other paranormal breakthroughs, as heavy as 18,000 pounds.  In between there are many theories as to the circumstances of the pyramid.  There are two things that have concretely been agreed upon.  1.)  This pyramid is the oldest known construction in the history of man 2.)  whomever built this structure and network of tunnels was EXTREMELY advanced. 

I received this piece from Adita, who was part of a covert exploration of the Bosnian Pyramid.  This piece has been made using specimens recovered from the Bosnian network of tunnels beneath the Valley of Pyramids.  It has been used to carefully craft this piece, only a few of which have been made.  This piece is the answer to the Bosnian Pyramid's many questions. 

When you meditate with this piece, you will be allowed entrance into the pyramid, which contains many smaller pyramids, which are really too many to be numbered.  Spiritual energy is the only way in and out of this pyramid.  It is the door to the "other side" which is pure spiritual existence and the ability to live in a heightened existence. 

Once inside the Pyramid, you will encounter the millions and millions of smaller soul pyramids. These soul pyramids are the energies of the world and exist as duplicate realities. Keep in mind when you enter the pyramid it is your own version.  Thus, all of these duplicate pyramids have been wiped clean so that way they can reflect all of your wants and desires. You will be able to use these soul pyramids to create your own variances of reality. They are limitless and boundless.  There are no limits in the number of realities you can create and no bounds on what your realities can contain.  This pure creative power that will allow you replicate your own existence, such as God has done on our very own planet.  These pyramids are both the void and presence of all things, because they are nothing, but they contain everything.  Your realities will become what you want them to be.  You can jump from in between whatever realities you want.  You can store any powers in your realities.  You can create dark realities or light realities, or whatever type of realities you want.  You can create networks of realities that can communicate and work in conjunction with another, or independent realities.  The possibilities are limitless and entirely up to you. 

After investigation, we believe that these energies were bestowed to these ancient people who built the Bosnian Pyramid.  They left their mortal world behind for an existence in their own reality or network of realities.  After creating reality as they wanted it there was no need to return.  This piece will give you the energies necessary to also replicate, duplicate, recreate, and craft your own realities, to enter them and to use them to your advantage.  This piece basically renders you god of your own mind and destiny, as you will be able to create all of these possibilities for yourself!  This is a very exciting piece!  Do not miss out on its extreme powers!!

Why I like this piece. I was in a meeting with Jason,Steve,Lindy and the new guy Allen. We were discussing this piece and out of the bue in another chair sat a man,he appeared. He began to tell me about Raviniska and how she was born in the Sphinx. This was one of those realities that was created. When it is created it is real!  He explained the multitude of realities that exist right next to us and how sometimes that wall becomes thin and we get a glimpse. He said many times those we think are dead or are spirits are not but just appearing to us from a world they now live in. Please don't think I'm saying that is every case bcause it is not but I do know that you can use pieces like that and decide that your just not coming back.

This is a ring made out of a few different materials and the top of it is what you need. It is also adjustable.


Bosnian Limitless Realities
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