Brain Power Potluck, AUGUST SALE


This is an amazing item that optimizes your brainwaves to allow you to use one of the biggest innovations we have seen in this field.

The power of pulling is something that normally has to be interjected upon a certain piece for a specific reason, but with this piece you will be able to pull anything to you!

Testers utilized this as a money magnet, stress control portal, reiki healing generator, tai chi developer, pulled in a spirit guide, cured insomnia,
enhanced memory, pulled the ability for speed learning, increased their IQ, faceted chronic fatigue, gained auric healing abilities, clairvoyance, telepathy, cosmic ordering,hypnosis, deep meditation, and increased creativity.

The possibilities are endless as what you can pull through your brainwaves to infuse in your spirit and use in your physical form to empower your life!

This piece doubles as a locket.  If you place a person's picture in the locket, it will surround them in a white light aura of spiritual protection.  It will work for you or somebody else!! 

Brain Power Potluck, AUGUST SALE
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