Broken Heart and Soul


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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.
This piece holds a glorified enchantment that will ravish your spirit and enlighten your soul.

Alone in this house again tonight -- just sitting with a bottle of wine looking at pictures of you. I will never get over you, walking away. I have never been the kind of person to let my feelings show... and I thought that being strong meant never losing your self control.

Change is the hardest thing for most people to deal with. Even at work, if you have been there for years and now all of a sudden they change the way you are supposed to do something, you are going to think it is stupid, because there was nothing wrong with how it was done before --- but really this way could be better, but you do not want to see that --- as you do not want to change!

The aspect of a relationship ending is the facet of change. Moving past what you had known and who you had loved. If you are not the one who wanted to end the relationship then you are the one who will feel the pain.

You need to understand that the revelation is for you to find amazing strength and then realize that in time you will come back to the mind of your ex- and their regret will be your token of power and strength.

This piece was empowered by Grizzelle and will impede the defiant heartache that is bringing you down. You feel like you do not want to go on, that life will never get any better. You gave your all and your mate ripped out your heart and stomped on it! How can you ever get past this --- how can you move on and ever trust again? Were you cheated on? Made to be a fool? This is the piece you need!

If this is not you, but relates to someone that you know, then get them this as a gift -- this is the enchantment to pick up the pieces and forge on. Utilizing the memories of the past as life lessons and the power placed in here will implement success and wealth upon you.

You will venture on to amazing things, which will make your ex- regret letting you go. It is nice to know that they will realize how good they had it, but in a short amount of time you will not even give them a second thought~

I wish I had a piece like this in the past, cause I was cheated on and I of course was upset, but then started to blame myself?! How dumb is that? It is a natural occurrence and it is hard to get past --- GET OVER IT, WITH THIS PIECE!

It is time to be you again, this will enlighten you from the inside out.

Broken Heart and Soul
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