Bulla Blessing Of Wealth

Bulla Blessing

A bulla is a special amulet that is given to Roman children when they are born. This piece contains magical spells that were specific to the child in question, such as symbols of protection, or wishes for wealth. The bulla was constructed of different materials depending on the wealth of the family.

Gold signified the wealthiest families -- Roman boys put aside their bullae when they reached puberty, and the object was offered to the Gods. Girls will wear theirs until the eve of their wedding.

When the pieces are offered to the Gods they are supposed to ritually sanction the piece with prayer and a candle vi-dual to relinquish the blessings.

The bulla collects energies from the child as they grow and then when it is offered to the Gods the energies fortify a wall of power.

We have a bulla that was never offered to the Gods. The piece is from a very wealthy girl who received this piece at her birth. It is a gold variant that will signify a new birth to the person who ritually offers the powers to the Gods.

You will first have to wear the piece to emerge your energies in it to override the girl who it was given to at birth.

Her ignorance to not follow tradition grants you an amazing opportunity to proclaim blessings upon your life.

This will unlock riches, stigma in your aura and abilities of alpha meditation that will bring correlation of the Gods with your spirit. The item is a pure, honored emblem of complete blessing and progression of your life!

The main goal of this piece since she was female was for wealth. In those days a dowery was needed and this was to provide that. You had to have a great dowery as a female to marry a wealthy man and not be part of the peasant population. The stones in this necklace are original to what she wore,we added the sterling real four leaf clover for added luck and that has been enchanted.
Bulla Blessing Of Wealth
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