Butterfly Fairy/F*

Fluttering outside the office window was a butterfly that seemed to love the outdoor courtyard. Several days last week I kept getting sidetracked by the butterfly landing right on the window sill. I was amazed by the beauty of the butterfly and decided I wanted to go outside to get a better look.

When I went outside I saw the butterfly by the window and as I neared it the butterfly vanished. It didn't fly away it just disappeared!

I was looking all over thinking maybe my eyes just played a trick on me. When I looked down I found a butterfly, but it wasn't alive, it was a crystal pendant. I thought this was too coincidental and was dumbfounded.

I took the pendant inside and told Deedee how I found it after the real butterfly vanished. We were taught a new ritual when we were in Maryland on how to pull the energy from a piece to learn its past; find out where it came from.

This ritual worked remarkably with this pendant and we quickly learned that the pendant was left behind by a Crystal Fairy. Fairies can shape shift and this fairy was showing herself as a butterfly; she was trying to get my attention for days. She wanted to share her magic and grant abilities to someone and I was chosen.

I love fairies, and have studied their backgrounds and lifestyles; I believe that I was chosen to strengthen my beliefs. This pendant has been put on to a silver chain; if you wear the necklace you will gain 4 wishes from the Fairy World.

Each of the four wings adorns a crystal which holds a wish for the person who owns this piece. You have to believe in fairies and respect their powers in order to have your wishes granted.

The wishes have to be for abilities you desire to use to better your life. This is not a genie piece that will grant you a million dollars! You will be granted wishes of magic and mystical abilities; which most of us think are more valuable than a million bucks!

I used the wishes to be light as a feather, shape shift, use mind control and mask my appearance. These capabilities helped me figure out a lot about people who I was having issues with; people are two-faced and the wishes of abilities granted me the opportunity to learn the truth behind secrets!

You will love this piece and be able to use the four wishes for abilities and magic to grow, learn and relish in secrets and the truths that need to be spoken! Once you use your four wishes, you can pass this piece to another because the Fairy loves to share her magic with whoever believes~

Good luck and use the wishes to gain abilities that will really help you; remember you only get 4 chances!

Butterfly Fairy/F*
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