C240 Time Displacement Unit

In November of 2000, bloggers from all over the world were shocked when John Titor showed up on an Internet discussion board. He was a US Army Captain in good standing with the military. In fact, he would have been an pretty regular guy except for the fact that we was from the year 2036. Yes, that's right. He turned up in the year 2000 claiming to be from the year 2036. In fact he claimed to be a time travel expert and even put out a detailed manual that included directions on how to control a time travel manual. I'm not sure if anybody has successfully surfed the annals of time after he posted his original instruction manual. However, it wasn't long before his revelations were stolen and replaced with a different account of time travel-- one eerily reminiscent of Back to the Future. By not long, I mean a matter of minutes. Titor's story remained pretty much the same but was altered and set back into the forum to resemble of information originally given. However a rather important tidbit of information was missing. Nobody noticed, though. What really happened is that the government confiscated the real plan for time travel; it is called the General Electric C240 Time Displacement Unit. It is contingent upon a vortex and tunnel of powerful laser beams that spins matter so fast, that molecules are scrambled and allowed to travel through the annals of time. Many replications of this work have been attempted, as per John Titor's instructions; and I'm not sure if any of them have ever been successful. What I do know is that after we caught wind of John Titor's time travel concept, we summoned him from the future during an astral seance. There is one piece of the puzzle missing that will effectively liven this process. It is a piece that John Triton outlined in his instructions, but is the part the government stole. It is the same energy that is in the piece that John Titor provided to us during our astral meeting. His real information has been covered up by the government, including future Internet contacts that have been blocked by a task force that has been developed by the Bush Administration and maintained during Obama's regime that prohibits the acquisition of these powers by what they dub "average" Americans. Yes, this power has been reserved for top-level government officials only. Well, except for when we obtained a duplicate of the piece we are calling the Titor Copy of Time. This piece uses futuristic energy that is the key to the the time machine known as the General Electric C240 Time Displacement Unit. The energy in this piece comes a source of gamma energy from the future that has been developed in conjunction with a union of technology between the newly developed and reinstated Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China. We developed this piece to work independently of the C240k and in a converse manner. The energy in this item will scramble your atoms and twist them through time. It will allow you to enter the Universal Plane of Time, in which you will be able to travel to any point in time, past or future, that you wish to explore. This piece is the ultimate time travel item. It actually has been developed by a continuation of Nikola Tesla's coils. The power in this piece has over seen many chronological expeditions, including one that allowed Jason and I to travel forward in time to see 2036 and meet with Titor. Deedee was actually able to travel back in time to the building of the Pyramids, during which she obtained a secretive piece from a sacred fraternity; but that's a a separate story. The point is that this piece delivers phenomenal results. THIS PIECE IS MADE OFF COPPER AND IS A BRACELET.
C240 Time Displacement Unit
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