Voodoo Doll of Wonder/F*

Voodoo means "Spirit of God." Voodoo is a system of beliefs that originated in Africa. Voodoo believers accept the existence of one god. Below this almighty god, spirits rule over the world's affairs in all aspects of life, such as, family, love, happiness, justice, wealth, and revenge.

The practice of Voodoo involves the blessing of a Voodoo doll by an experienced practitioner which will allow the person who possesses the doll to contact the spirits directly - requesting fulfillment in love, finance, career, family matters, etc.

We call upon these spirits from our hearts, summoning the gods, urging them to respond. For anyone who is searching for a solution to a difficult problem, who is trying to mend a conflict, return a lover, accumulate wealth... this doll awaits your call.

This voodoo piece exhibits blessings from a Caledonian witch who set out to install enrichment to whomever acknowledges and believes in the abilities of the doll. To use this piece you will need to take clay that you have worked soft in your hands and place it over top of the doll. The toxins in your skin will implement themselves on the clay which will carry over to the doll. The doll will then cleanse itself from anyone else who has tried to bestow the blessings and will gain power of your spirit to work wonders for you!

After the piece has been cleansed (we reccomend 24 hours of being covered), you should remove the clay and then roll the clay into a ball. Keep the clay in a small box beside your bed --- this is your recharging connection that you can use again if you feel that your bond is weakening with the doll.

This voodoo piece is named Dassius and will delight you with amazement. The doll evokes powers from the witch that will work to control energies of the universe to bring fulfillment to your life. You will no longer need to make wishes at wishing wells because this piece will ignite the energies you need to connect your spirit to the aspects of life that you desire to be fulfilled!

Our testers have found that Dassius works wonders and fast. The negative energies fade and you are showered with positive endowment when you believe and respect the blessings inside the piece! Steve used this item and went from having bad luck in love, school and with his family to meeting a partner, bringing up his G.P.A. at college and making amends with his parents whom he had been astray from for several months.

Dassius put his life back on track and Steve cannot stop thanking Deedee for letting him use this piece. This wonder voodoo doll will enrich you and help your unintentional shortcomings surface with magnitude to bring joy and blessings upon your life. Dassius is the only piece we have that will regenerate energies to bring you change in your aura, causing your life to be enriched ~

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