Calling Ghosts and Guardian Angels

There are some things in history that may be made up, or not wholly verifiable. Such is the case with the Odyssey. While Homer may have made crafted this Epic in an attempt to retain and explain the goings on in history, the premise for his tale still warrants truth. I am about to give a very grave example of just how real some concepts from fantasy are very much a truth.

This is more of a personal experience than it is anything else. As a child growing up, sometimes I would become irritated and confused. When I’d watch any type of movie that involved ghosts, spirits, etc. my mother would explain to me that it wasn’t real, that there are no such things as ghosts. Explain this to a six year old child with the clairvoyant ability of actually seeing spirits. It’s a compromising situation, and half the time my family thought that I lived in a delusional, fantastic frenzy.

As I grew older, however, my experiences began to materialize and I could give a more realistic account other than “the dark man in the corner.” Using this ability is how I came into contact with Deedee and the rest of the crew at Haunted Curiosities. I am now able to offer my experience and knowledge to help solve the mystery of hauntings, paranormal beings, and things like that. This experience is one of those experiences. It was actually very frightening. It happened when I was a young 16.

As a child, I lived in a housing project that was a quarter mile’s walk away from my childhood best friend’s house… if I walked the old abandoned railroad bed. Despite the eeriness of the pathway, I preferred this outlet rather than walking a half mile out of the way and doubling over. It was in this passage way that I found the piece that I am offering you below.

One Friday night, I was visiting my best friend’s house, spending the night at a sleepover. As the hours passed into the wee morning and I was getting drowsy, I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone charger. Now, as I’m sure you all know, a 16-year-old teenager does not go without their media outlets for longer than a half an hour. I explained to my friend that I was going home quick to grab my charger and I’d be right back.

As I neared the entrance to the old railroad bed, the air grew still and I got a creepy all over my body. It was kind of chilly and clammy, it was like I could fear crawling on my skin. I told myself it was merely because of the darkness and kept on. I got about half way down the passage when my phone ran completely out of a charge. This was bad, because I had been using it to light my path.

I kept on, though, trying to hurry. I began to wish I could see more than three feet in front of me, but I couldn’t. That was when I heard the rusting of leaves on the ground behind me, stirred up by a light breeze. Then, what I heard next was actually kind of terrorizing. I heard a calling my name from the dark. My immediate response was to panic, but I held my stance and told myself there was nothing there, as much as I knew it wasn’t true.

The voice beckoned and teased and I refuted it time and time again, even once telling the voice to go away. I turned the curve where I was able to see the lights of the gas station by my house. I remember thinking to myself to speed up my pace, but I didn’t want to seem vulnerable to I withheld my pace; this is when I felt the breath on my neck. My name was whispered directly into my ear.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my grandmother raised on the belief in God as our grand protector. When I was young, she told me that whenever I felt scared all I had to do was drop to my knees and pray to God. Heeding my grandmother’s advice, I dropped to my knees and recited The Lord’s Prayer at least six time until I could feel the imminent danger clear the air. I looked up in just enough time to see ashes floating down from the sky. I found the piece that you see below entangle in the vegetation where the ashes fell. I picked it up and kept it ever since. Needless to say, I never returned to my friend’s house that night.

I know this might sound crazy, but over the years, this piece has been a voice in my conscience, telling me things I should and shouldn’t do. It has helped me escape bad situations and even death before. It has helped me succeed in many ventures throughout my lifetime, by guiding me along a path of success.

As I grew older, I met Deedee and together we were able to determine the power that this piece holds in it. Just as Homer recounted Odysseus’ experience with the Sirens, I also had an encounter with what is known as a Calling Ghost. These ghosts lurk in the shadows to foretell and cause death, illness, and misery upon their unsuspecting victims. They call their victims’ names causing them to turn around, where they cast evil spells against, and can even enter their victims’ bodies. Accounts of these spirits range from ancient Roman times to Hawaiian and Native American lore. Asians also recount experiences with these spirits. I was lucky enough to escape.

Somehow, when I prayed that night, I managed to reverse the curse of the Calling Ghost, dragging this spirit from the dark abyss into the power of the light. The spirit received veneration from God, transforming it into exactly the opposite. Now the spirit can be considered, sort of, a guardian angel. This was gift for having faith in God and trusting him to be my grand protector.

At the young age of 16 I wasn’t able to unlock the full potential of this piece, but with Deedee’s help, I have been able to fully cultivate the powers of this protection spirit. This piece will beckon the power of the protection spirit who will come to your conscience and become your voice of inner thought, giving you guidance along the roads of success, riches, and abundance. In the same way this spirit will help keep you safe from danger, watch out for you and your loved ones, and guide you away from bad situations. Hand in hand with this ability is the ability to receive psychic visions of the future and things that are imminently dangerous. You will also receive the powers of the spells and charms that this spirit has gained during its crossover to the light. The spirit is just as powerful as before, just in a white-light way instead of a dark and evil way.

I have had this piece for some time, but I think it is time to pass it on to someone else who could use a piece like this. Trust me, this piece holds sentimental value because of its phenomenal power. I am proud to present with this unique power and I can tell you that this piece most definitely will work to maximum potential. The piece you will receive is depicted below.

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