CALLS ON CHAOTIC SPIRITS People are calling us, saying that they had always felt like there was something in their house, but since earlier this year the energies have become even stronger. Most cases related to strange noises, although one man said he had been attacked by a ghost. He stated that the "sheer strength and power" of the turn of the Universe may have been responsible for the increase in paranormal activity. The number of old buildings damaged from weather incidents also are noted to have been a factor. It was well known among investigators that when renovations on old buildings take place, it tends to wake up dormant spirits, and activity tends to come out of nowhere.... this is done most times in warm weather which is why we were bombarded with a ton of calls. Our team had conducted two full investigations, and was planning to do several more, when we uncovered a wizard who was able to cast pieces that hold mystical institutes of worship that draw out disruptive spirits. If you, or someone you know, has an issue with unwanted spirits in their home... then you need one of these coveted amulets to impart the release of them~
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