Calypso's story is actually quite tragic and although some people view her as of one the obstacles and "bad guys" of Odysseus' voyage, I actually tend to get where she's coming from.   She a nymph from the island Ogygia, but in her own right she can tend to be more of a siren than most people understand.  During his travels, Odysseus lands on her island.  Calypso and the hero grow fond of one another and she eventually sings her captivating song to him, intending to keep him on her island and make him her immortal husband.  Odysseus eventually falls in love with her, too.  He stays there with her for awhile and the couple actually gets along quite nicely and the sex is amazing.

Eventually, Odysseus does become homesick and begins missing his wife, Penelope.  Athena, the goddess of love commissions Zeus to order Calypso to let Odysseus go.  Albeit reluctantly, Calypso stops singing her enchantment of love to Odysseus.  At this point she feeds him bread and wine and gives him enough materials to build a makeshift raft on which Odysseus sets sail, never to return.  I'm not sure, but I can imagine that her song was a little different and a little sadder.  It has to be lonley on that the island that she was bound to and she had just undergone the worst case of a man using her for her love.  Then, he goes and leaves her to travel back to his wife.  What is that crap?  I just tend to think that Calypso's song had less to do with it than what people make it out.  Afterall, people don't want to think about their heros in a negative light and he clearly commited adultery; but he chose to, so who's really to blame? 

Either way, this piece has been crafted with a spell of Calypso.  It is a gold colored necklace with heart charms.  They all contain love energy from Calypso; however, the most important piece on the bracelet is the heart with a lock on it.  This heart will react with yours in a way that will open up a psychic love sense within your heart.  It will allow you meet men or women (whichever you prefer) and give you the ability to read his or her mind.  This will allow you to know their real intentions.  This way, the one who really holds the key to your heart wil be able to unlock your love.  At this point, you will experience true love for a life time.  It will allow you to distinguish between the ones that want to really love you and make you happy from those who just want to use you and play games.  The piece will give you the "radar" that will allow you to find, "the one."  It will give you the power to sing Calypso's song to him, to help you ferment and grow a solid relationship in love. 

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