This is an antique and 14k gold,white and yellow. The diamonds I do not know but I would bet they are all real. The size is a 5 and a half. This can be sized in the back to make it bigger or smaller but this one can be worn on a chain so there is no need to size if you didn't want to.

Each stone is a Canopic Gods. What they do is as follows

Golden Arts=wealth

Golden Robust=health

Entity of Fruitation= this is one of the best ones as it brings wishes,dreams and what you need to life.

Hytersprite= this is a little like a fairy but one that can only be summoned by magical rites. Her name is Della Deshay and she was named when summoned and will only answer to that name. This Hytersprite is what is called a Gebo which is a german word and means gift. She gives gifts to those that ask,mostly she does wealth,love and happiness.

God of the Watchers= this is extreme power and influence and to use this you would turn the ring fully around,there is a mark on it so you know when it has been turned fully. The God of watchers is one angelic being sent to watch over the fallen and capture what power he can. His name is Masrekah. The ring is his vessel and he lives in it. He is always with you.

God of Gold= gold is what the ancients used in most magical practice but the gold we have today is watered down,this on is not. The God of gold creates a solar talisman which produces magical device. This God is also called the Sephirah which is a branch on the tree of life.

Pantheons of power= this includes total openness with the mind for telepathy,psychic ability,health in body,clairvoyance,astral travel and time control all of these which can be done by anyone.

This ring is powerful and will take a while to get used to. Each thing except the Hytersprite will come one at a time,other wise it can hurt you.

1- to make sure that everything is clear for those that just don't understand,there is only one bag that your getting. There is no shipping,there is no added shipping,there is no pretend shipping fee's,there are no shipping fee's,there is no fee for shipping,I did not charge shipping,will not charge shipping,have not charged shipping and see no future of charging shipping AND there are NO refunds on shipping charges that were NEVER charged! if any one does NOT understand this then give me a yell and I will try and say it in a way that EVERYONE can understand. Please leave if your not 18. Please leave if your unstable. Please leave if you don't like how I don't charge shipping. Understand that these items are for entertainment purpose only and that state law does require I state that. Please understand that I'm not your parent and that if your under 18 and shopping here that your parents need to keep a better watch of you,put you on a leash,do their job as a parent or censor what you read,watch,buy,it is NOT my job to do so. Again on the shipping charges JUST TO BE SURE. There is no shipping,will be no shipping charges and I did not add extra charges on to the items to cover it.

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