Within all of us is a small channel to the heart that holds a buildup of thicker blood that coddles the embrace of recognizing your one "soul mate."<br /><br />

Many people do not believe that they do have a soul mate, as we can make relationships work with almost anyone.<br /><br />

There are many people you are attracted too and can be happy with... but there is only ONE that will fill in all the holes that were designed to capture your pure emotions!<br /><br />

Like a puzzle this person will fit perfectly with you, mind, body and soul.<br /><br />

This piece was enhanced with the affliction of a spell that used the coddled blood from an unwwed woman who never got the chance to feel love.<br /><br />

You will be guided when wearing this piece through the energies of the blood to meet and proclaim the bond with your ONE true soul mate!!<br /><br />

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