This piece enables it's wearer to have the ability to see into the thoughts of others! It was given this power from a powerful warlock who placed this power into the piece so those who wished to discover other's true intentions had the means to. Unlocking the powers of this piece may take some time as the powers of the mind are complicated at best.<br /><br />

Spend time wearing the piece and focusing your minds eye on others and try to tap into their psychic energies. Empty your mind of any other thought, and focus on reading that person's mind. After enough practice with the piece, you'll start to hear others thoughts travel through your mind out of no where! It will be strange at first but after the first couple of attempts it will start to become easy. Just keep in mind that some people are harder to read than others, and that even though it may feel like people are invading your mind; in reality its very much the opposite. Tap into the minds of others and find out peoples' true intentions with this piece!


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