Most of you who know me, know that I've been single for some time.  This is Steve writing, by the way; and this is a piece that I have been hoarding since my very first trip to Louisiana with Deedee.  I believe that Mine and Deedee's meeting was destiny because I have seen and done some things that my life would have never accommodated for before I began working for HC.  However, this has got to be my most prized possession throughout the whole experience.   It isn't one that I had to go digging for and it isn't one that I had to astral travel for.  In all honesty, I don't know why I was the chosen recipient of this power.  Maybe it is because the astral spirits know that I've been single for years and that single people need some loving, too and I'm not of the promiscuous sort  Those who are, that's fine as long as you're being safe.  Whatever the reason was, I have kept this piece to myself for the honest reason that I have been using it ever since.  However, I think that it is finally time for me to give this piece up so that someone else can experience its superior qualities.  It is the best sex piece that I have ever experienced-- and there have been bunches throughout the years.  This one tops them all-- takes the cake so to speak. 

On my very first trip to New Orleans, I ended up staying on my own in a room that was in an entirely opposite leg of the St. Louis than anyone else was staying in.  It was meant for a client that we were meeting with, but he ended up leaving early.  Deedee suggested that I just stay in the room, so that way I could have my privacy and her reservation didn't go to waste.  I was very thankful for the offer, but like I said it was so far away from anyone else that I kind of felt alone.  The facade of the hotel was excellent.  The floors were cinder block and there were rough iron lights that lit the way in the hallways to give the feel of an old fashioned French Quarter.  The surreality of the replication kind of caught up with me and I was overwhelmed with feelings of excitement.  This is when I first felt like someone was watching me.  I chalked it up to the fact that I was all alone in this dimly lit corridor and made way to my hotel room.  I opened the door and let it shut behind me.  I turned on the lights and and checked in the shower and under the bed like I always do when I lodge alone.  I guess I've seen one to many Norman Bates style movies. 

I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, allowing the water to get warm.  Earlier in the day I had blasted the air conditioner and it was now ice cold in my room.  I stood there, clothes less waiting for the water to get warm and as I did, I heard a knocking at my door.  I couldn't imagine it was any of the others as they had also retired to their rooms. I opened the door and found myself feeling like the man from Poe's, "the Raven" because there was nobody there.  The knocking didn't happen again.  I stepped in the shower and did my thing.  When I was done I changed into a fresh pair of shorts and laid in the bed.  I was only laying there for a few minutes when I realized the whole room had filled up with a mist.  I thought maybe I had left the hot water running, but this is something I normally do, so I dismissed it.  It was then that I saw a grey mass standing next to my bed.  It didn't give off any negative energy, but just stood there as I shoved my fists in my eyes to make sure that I was really seeing what I was seeing.  I wasn't long before the mist thickened and I could barely see my feet at the bottom of my bed.  The figure began to levitate... floating three feet off the ground and laying itself down horizontally.  It hovered over the top of my bed coming closer and closer, until eventually it was pressed up against my body.  It didn't have any form at all... it was more or less just a thicker mist than the one that was clouding the room.  I could feel it on top of me, though. 

I laid there with the entity on top of me and I could feel it reading my brain... it was searching my thoughts.  Then it rescinded inch by inch from on top of me, making sure to touch every inch of my body.  This is when I felt the hands come from the foot of the bed.  The fingers stroked my legs.  I was shocked, but at the same time the touch sent electric signals up my legs in waves and as the hands made their way up my body, missing not one detail, the body of a man began to take form, as the entity read my deepest, darkest desires.  The man took form and next thing I knew he was laying in bed next to, pressed up against my body as he ground his body into mine.  By this time, the mist in the room was thick the only thing that made any sense to me was the sound of my own heart beating in my ears and the hot, steamy breaths that I felt on my neck that made my my little hairs stand at attention-- and that wasn't the only thing that was at attention, either.  Trust me when I tell you the sex that I had with the entity was enough to make Christian Grey blush. 

I'm not going into go every little detail, but I can assure you that it lasted for a very long time and although I didn't think that it was possible for men to have multiple orgasms, I can now guarantee you that they can-- especially when it comes to astral sex.  At one point in the encounter I actually left my body and we both molded together like two piece of the perfect puzzle.  He filled every part of my body with perfect accuracy and, til this day, it was the best sex that I've ever had in my life.  As climax after climaxed I could feel my body relieving itself of all stress and attention.  My psychic receptors opened and I receive spiritual enlightenment and the ability to communicate with the spirit through telekinetic waves.  It took me to places that I've never been before with any other sex piece.  When it was finished the mist rescinded from my bed, then to one side of the room, then it disappeared beneath the crack of my door.  I laid there, devoid of clothing at this point.  I lit a cigarette and contemplated what had just happened.  Then, after the fog disappeared completely, I saw that there was an item left on the night stand.  This is the item that you are getting.  It is pictured in this listing.  It holds the sex spirit that I just described to you. 

I never was able to determine who sent the sex spirit, but I have determine that it was sent using voodoo powers.  I mean, I guess that's appropriate considering I was in the French Quarter and all.  I don't care who sent the spirit, I'm glad they did.  It has provided me with some of the best sexual experiences in my life any my rising sign is a Scorpio, so it takes a lot to satisfy me!  The best part about this piece is that no two experiences are the same. Each time is different, but each time will blow your mind!!  You will find yourself trying to catch your brain as you are taken to places that don't even make sense at times.  The best way to use this piece is to not pay attention to any of that.  Allow yourself to exist in an altered state... allow your mind and body to travel so that way you can be fulfilled and received some next level spiritual awakening and sexual gratification.  I obviously only have one of these items, so if you are interested in it, make sure you let us know ASAP.  This piece probably won't be around for long and I guarantee you that you will NOT be disappointed.  Once again, you get the piece that it pictured.  It is the one that was given to me, so it's an original. 

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