Listen, there are frauds everywhere.  I went down to New Orleans once and got a reading.  I paid $60.00 for and it last all of seven minutes and included a guy in a tshirt that was too tight with a greasy ponytail shouting at me... "Luck, Fortune, Money, Love, Luck Love MONEY!!"  When I left I felt like I had really just missed out on something.  Maybe he knew something I didn't; OR... maybe he was just a fraud.  I'm going with the second option.  I'll take FRAUD for $600!!  

Cartomancy, which is the psychic inclination to be able to use fortune telling cards accurately, is actually a pretty complicated gift to be able to master.  It is a gift that people are given, which is why Deedee never charges for her readings-- because she believes that these types of service shouldn't be charged for, because it takes away from their validity.   

Anyway, this piece is the full-on psychic ability to be able to use any type of spiritual or mystic card or fortune telling card to be able to tell the future.  You won't have to rely on fraudulent readers who charge as much as it cost for dinner! You will be able to use your ability to read your own fortune with any deck of cards that will have bonded with.  You will also, obviously, be able to use your new psychic ability to help others.  Just remember, what goes around comes around and karma can be a B-Word.  Put your new power to good use!   YOU NEED TO WEAR THIS BRACELET WHILE DOING YOUR CARDS OR PALM READING. THIS IS NOT INEXPENSIVE BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK BUT BECAUSE WE HAVE TWO OF THEM AND THEY ARE VERY EASY TO MAKE.

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