Carranza's Ghost It is said that if you park your car along Route 206, at the gate of Captain Carranza's memorial in New Jersey and flash your lights on the memorial three times and yell "Emilio" out the window, you will see his plane... of course we had to try it~! We followed the instructions and about 10 minutes later Deedee's car stalled for no reason. We got it started again and began rolling out of there. She kept asking us what the lights were behind us. Steve and I turned around and saw nothing! Deedee swore that she saw lights in the rear-view mirror! We figured she was just trying to scare us, but suddenly we saw them too -- they were too high to be car lights so our minds went to that of the plane. Deedee turned around to make the car face the "plane"... and just as we were lights to lights it vanished! We drove towards where it was and saw this sparkling on the ground. Steve jumped out and picked it up... it was extremely hot and was glowing when we got it. Then we had the facets ignite when it was tested. It was proven to implode the excelling applications of governmental secrets that he housed. Captain Emilio Carranza was only 23 when his plane crashed -- he was the grandnephew of a Mexican president; he was also befriended by Lindbergh who is regarded as Mexico's greatest aviation hero. Carranza had come to America in the summer of 1928 on a goodwill flight in response to Lindbergh's flight to Mexico City. During his visit, he was greeted in Washington by President Coolidge. Carranza was to return to Mexico in July, but several bad storms kept him grounded. Then, on July 12, while dining at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, he was called away by a telegram. Immediately after reading it, he contacted the airport and told them to ready his plane. His plane crashed and that was the end. The piece that we discovered after our encounter holds his spirit and will unify his knowledge of the government ties from Mexico and the United States, which rocks the infused potential to gain the elements of strength and power that he was called out on. It is believed that he was given a note that concealed e evidence of his knowledge and was led astray on a course that brought him to his demise. The remitted abilities that you can gain from his assertive knowledge is amazing! This is a rare opportunity to embrace the understandings of political findings, secrets and power! These include powers of mind control and remote viewing. They also include the ability to summon the powers of extraterrestrials for technological and magical breakthroughs! THIS SEEMINGLY INNOCENT RING BEARS THE SECRETS THAT WE LEARNED FROM CARRANZA THAT NIGHT WE ENCOUNTERED HIS AIRPLANE. THIS PIECE IS STERLING SILVER WITH A BLUE GEM, EITHER A MAN'S OR A WOMAN'S RING. IT IS SIZE 8, BUT CAN BE WORN AS A PENDANT ON A CHAIN AS WELL!
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