Bestiaries are Medieval catalogues of tales about animals, real and mythical, portraying an allergorical or moral Christian theme.

We used to think that these were some of the first stories that were imparted to showcase the difference between humans and animals, but the more research that we did, we learned that the composition of these catalouges imposed the radiance of the knowledge that is within the brains of creatures.

Through connective spirits we can gain power to learn and have insight into the vantage points of creatures that see things around us that we are blind to~!

Have you always felt a special bond with your animals and feel as if they talk to you? Now with this piece you will be able to truly understand what they want and have to say!

This will work for all creatures -- your house pets, as well as all creatures of the wilderness! From testing we impelled the amazing aspects of the world and how things are seen differently and how our world can be utilized with the abilities of their thoughts and process of living!

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