Cayce's Visions Released-<br /><br />

This is a sterling silver ring with Amber.<br /><br />
This is a ring with the energy of Edgar Cayce. The power in the amber stone will merge with your spirit to allow you to become a medium.<br /><br />
It works slow at first, but then it really picks up... this is due to how the energies reside with your soul. <br /><br />
Your mind needs ceratin dictations to integrate the powers and visuals that will remit the strength in seeking out psychic visions and portals of power that will embrace your brain to empower you with what is normally a rare gift!<br /><br />
After the process concurs, you will be left with the flow of natural information that is attracted by the energy that radiates from peoples auras, and you will be able to pull and use this to embrace your new fond power of the mind that will showcase your mediumship abilities.<br /><br />
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