LIQUID ENCHANTMENT This piece was blessed in a very small majestic spring that is located 60 km west of Astrakhan. Due to political reasons, Foundation Command was aware of its existence since the late 1800's, but was unable to secure it until 1991. On the spot of the spring, a chemical factory has been constructed as a disguise, with the majority of laborers under Foundation and/or Russian control. The liquid that is emitted from the spring has been 'chemically identified' as "simple" mineral water in 1902, but has the unusual property of "health". Ingesting the liquid produces the following properties in human beings: the ability to regenerate DNA damaged by sufficient duplication, heightened excitement of cellular duplication, vastly improved abilities in the repair of damaged tissue, and a frightening increase in the effectiveness of the human immune system. Upon testing the liquid on animal subjects, hostile bacteria and viral agents were destroyed immediately. Many reptiles and birds were unaffected, while higher primates experienced the same benefits as humans~ THIS IS A LISTING THAT WILL GENERATE TO YOU A SMALL VIAL OF THE MAGICAL LIQUID TO GRANT YOU AMAZING HEALTH AND VITALITY. TO USE THIS PIECE, FILL A VILE WITH AN AMOUNT OF WATER. JUST ENOUGH FOR YOU TO TAKE A SIP. MEDITATE WITH THIS PIECE AND CONCENTRATE ON THE VILE AND ITS CONTENTS. THE POWER IN THIS PIECE WILL PSYCHICALLY TRANSFER FROM THE PIECE TO THE VILE VIA THE IMAGES OF THE VILE IN YOUR MIND. THIS RING IS A SIZE 5, BUT CAN ALTERNATIVELY BE USED AS A PENDANT ON A CHAIN.
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