HEAVEN BOUND<br /><br />

This is a piece that I obtained while on my journey into Heaven, while using the Pope's Ring. <br /><br />

I came across a friar who lived, in what looked likean ancient abbey, right inside the gates of Heaven.  He gave me this piece as a consolation to himself, claiming that he didn’t want the responsibility that went with it anymore.<br /><br />

I placed the piece in my pocket and once I was back in my physical body and still had it, I ran several tests on it.  <br /><br />

I have been able to confirm, with help from my teammates, that this piece will work when worn on the finger, or clutched in the hand.  It will give you the inherent ability to open up a chamber in your mind that will allow you to peer into the heavens, receive holy dreams, remit prophecies, and communicate with angels on an alternate astral plane!<br /><br />

This will not take you into Heaven, the way the Pope's ring does -- but it will allow you to view and peer upon it, like looking into a kaleidoscope and seeing the glory! <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful and the beholder should be of a responsible nature. <br /><br />

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