Medieval handbooks of ceremonial magic have survived mostly by accident. Kept hidden by thier owners, sometimes destoryed by evil and ecclesiastical authorities, they are rarely discussed in any detail by any medieval author. When they are mentioned at all, they are usually condemned without extensive quotation.

Even medieval library catalogues and bibliographies often fail to note their existence, sometimes deliberately.

This is due to the fundamental power of the ceremonial magic -- it is extremely  strong and secret. The energies are rare and many do not even know that they exist!

We uncovered an ancient handbook and utilized the knowledge to proclaim a few items.

These pieces hold logistic energies that are sacred to the ceremonial magic that has been hidden and destroyed for decades!

There are only 5 items that have been pulled and filled with the grand power. Each one has a variety of powers, but one specific energy is portrayed in each.

This one holds the correlated connection to alchemy through the essential rites of the handbooks. The potion that projected through the pulling into this stone holds the virility of the elixir of life -- showcasing elements of eternal youth. This is a radiance beam that will proclaim the youthful invocation into your body and grant you intoxicating eruptions of tantalizing beauty and essential youth~

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